Star Sign: Aries Hobbies: Decorating,Designing Cloth and Surfing The Internet. Crushes: Joe Jonas,Adam Lambert and Criss Angel. Fav. TV Shows: Powerpuff Girls:P,Desperate Houswives and Friends. Fav. Reality Shows: Criss Angel Mindfreak and American Idol. Fav. Movies: Titanic,Grease,Dumb and Dumber and Pirates Of The Caribbean Fav. Actors: John Travolta,Jonney Depp and Jenifer Aniston. Fav. Music: Punk Rock,Pop and R&B. Fav. Songs: Last Christmas,I Will Be,Hold On and Sk8er Boi. Fav. Artists: The Jonas Brothers,Lady GaGa, P!NK, Katy Perry, EMIN3M and Avril Lavigne. Fav. Books: New Earth,and Pride and Prejudice. Fav. Junk Food: Diet Coke,M&M's and anything SOUR!! Fav. Animals: Kittens And Puppies!! Fav. Colors: Pink and Black. Obsessed With:- The Jonas Brothers specially JOE!! - Punk/Emo Style - Diet Coke - Becoming a Physcologist - The show Friends & Criss Angel's Magic - ma Bst Frndz.