Avril Lavigne Becoming an Industry

Avril Lavigne Becoming an Industry-photo

Snarly mini-Canadian Avril Lavigne is lending her name to a line of products to get you smelling good. She has inked a deal with Proctor & Gamble's Prestige Products to release a fragrance in the fall of 2009, and it could be the first of many.

According to E! Online, Avril said she's happy "to be working with Procter & Gamble on releasing my first fragrance. Creating this fragrance is a fun process, and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone."

No word on the name of the line, but this past December, Mrs. Deryck Whibley applied for a patent on her own name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Wonder if the labels will bear the image of an upraised middle finger, as Avril isn't exactly known for her congeniality.

The patent application reveals Avril is considering a partnership with Wal-Mart and eventually extending the products to include "fragrances and perfumery, aftershave, preshave, bath oil, bath soap, shower gel, body shampoo, deodorant for personal use, tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions, bath crystals, bath milks, dusting powder, body lotion, body splash, body cream, hand lotion and talc."

Not very punk rock, now is it? In 2006, celebrity fragrances were among the fastest growing segment of the $2.9 billion U.S. perfume market.

Avril's first scent will be aimed at the tween demographic. Wise move, because, really, who the hell else is going to buy it?



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  • dayodieknowsore

    ^^ apparently so, hwoodhills. do you also remember when she said she was never going to wear a skirt? i called bs back then but nobody listened to me.

  • hwoodhills

    Is this not the same "punk rocker renegade" who loudly proclaimed that she wasn't part of all that crap during her debut a few years back? - When the mighty dollar screams things become a lot less "Complicated."

  • lisatee

    wait a minute, she's still doing stuff?

  • ballier88

    dude...shes hot and unique! i like the pink hair

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Smells like teen spirit.

  • blondebomb33

    I think we've all had enough of the pink strip running through her hair... TACKY

  • mraniston

    i hope this stuff tanks- i'm not a huge fan of her and her "punk rock" image. what a poser!

  • mynameisearl

    does SHE actually help "create the fragrance"? tacking her name onto a fragrance is taking credit for an invention of a perfume that she did not lift a finger doing.

  • flirtyfabulous

    If anyone can pull of the raccoon look, it's Avril.