Before They Were 'Glee' Stars (PHOTOS)

The stars of Fox's Glee are pretty much on fire ahead of the musical sensation's second season premiere -- but Hollywood wasn't always so kind to Lea Michele, Cory Montieth and Matthew Morrison. Success seems even sweeter for these newly-minted stars because back in the day, they were mere extras, taking on bit parts in short-lived TV shows and horror flicks alike.

Click through to reminisce on the humble beginnings of your now super-hot Glee cast and tell us, dear Gleeks - which of the singing, dancing talents has come the farthest?



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  • Elease Crump
    Elease Crump

    what about Naya?? ever heard of Family Matters?!?! Duh!

  • Amy

    and she was in epic movie as well i think

  • Carolina Ferral
    Carolina Ferral


  • Diana Antunes
    Diana Antunes

    this is not close to home. it's CBS' Shark. behind her are Casey and Madeleine.

  • Lilly

    OMG I would never have guessed :O (no sarcasm)

  • roxy

    everystars don't want to coming in soth africa

  • psychokittyd

    dianna agron is so cute, she reminds me of my lovely Scarlett Johansson.