Behold: Brooke Hogan's CD Cover!

Behold: Brooke Hogan's CD Cover!-photo

What a masterpiece!

Reality TV star and aspiring singer Brooke Hogan has unveiled the official cover art for her upcoming CD The Redemption on her newly launched Web site. The blonde beauty is seen with white wings stretched on her back and a super slim body.

This may be the worst airbrushing we've ever seen. Or the best.

Tell us in the comments: What do you think about Brooke Hogan's CD cover?



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  • Coryann

    She's sexy in real life, but this does her no justice.

  • joe

    this looks horrible i think i am going to be sick.

  • sherida

    I think the cover is beautiful, just like Brooke! It looks just like her! I would like to know who the artist is? I am an artist myself & appreciate the airbrush technique which I am in the process of learning! Don't u people have anything better to do than to criticize' others? I'd like to c u draw Brooke!!!! If u don't have anything nice to say, keep ur miserable comments to urself!!!!!! Get a life!!!!!

  • David F.
    David F.

    Good to see how lousy 1990s comic book artists are still getting some work.

  • FatMonster

    The cover is awful! how could any recordcompany allow this? By the way, why doesn`t anybody comment how freakin`old she looks??? I`m amazed about how old and weird she looks. Even with all tan and make-up, she still doesn`t look good. She looks 20 years older than she is.

  • spokane

    WTF? Is she serious?! Even though I didn't expect much of her in the beginning, I have difficulties believing that even she would stoop this low...

  • noah

    I'm going to get this airbrushed on the hood of my 1992 Corvette.

  • oceanbubbles

    I dont like it. At all. It looks like it something you see on the side of a van

  • Betty

    ahahahah... Does anybody even listen to her music?! I saw her musicvideo over at perez hilton and it felt like being back to 1999 or something. It's so crappy and cheap... But Im happy that she does something that she love, I hope?! But yeah that cover didn't make it any better though, geez...

  • mertz

    ahahhaahaaaa thank you so much for making my entire life with this picture. lmfao.