Behold, the Jonas Brothers' New Album Cover!

Behold, the Jonas Brothers' New Album Cover!-photo

Ladies and gentlemen, in the most important unveiling since Henry Ford rolled out the first Model T, feast your eyes on the cover of the Jonas Brothers' fourth studio album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times!

No, we don't know what that means either! But it sure sounds deep! Maybe it's a concept album! About wizards! And dragons!

And Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas sure do look mature in the picture!

Plus, check out that sweet crest! Are the Jonas Brothers royalty now? They sure should be! Kigs of our hearts! 4-Ever!!!!

The album will be out June 15. Until then, feast your eyes on the glory!!!!!!

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of the cover of the new Jonas Brothers album?



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  • jaqui

    More astonishing is the great all been good all year but this is cool wooo

  • alexa

    hay ojala que salga pronto y que vengan a colombia

  • hayhay

    o COME ON!!! no offence, but this covert only makes them look more like pretty boys. get off the radio!!!

  • frejamacarons

    the most important unveiling? AS IF YOU STUPID RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE THE MOST OVERRATED BUNCH OF FREAKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Teenagers are so freaky, they are so easily influenced. Joe freako looks like a hairiy anus, and the others look like what came out of that anus. stop tryiing to look credible girlfriend, you arent a model, your pose is so unfierce, you need a lesson from tyra girlfriend, learn how to smile with your eyes. smiling with your eyes does not mean squinting nick you smelly snotty. OH, AND NICK, GET YOUR EYEBROWS WAXED PROPERLY, YOUR BEAUTY TECHNICIAN IS NOT VERY SKILLED.

  • Ann

    Nick and Kev are total Hotties Joe not so much :S it stands for what they had been trough this past year, they decribed it as they journey in songs (: they have an interview on that do your homework Research

  • Reagan

    Joe's hair is wow.. kewl cover....

  • lilly

    ok ay liking the coverr; however im hoping for some songs with a little more versatility and depth then the last two albums. you guys arent 10 anymore so please stop making every other song about your 'broken hearts'. not hating just getting bored with the whole thing. change it up guys we all know your talented enough to come up with something new. =)

  • leila

    they're so beautiful . I love them and I've got the tickets for their show in Argentina.

  • niamh

    OMG that is soooooo awesome! Joe looks different in it

  • rebecca

    FFFIIITTT!!!! Thats all i can say. Can't wait till it comes out on 15th June because on that day they are going to London to promote and i am going to be there

  • Kendall

    I love it and can't wait for it to come out!!

  • Liz

    They've had the crest since their first album with Hollywood Records. It's simple, it's classic. It's good - it's like their music. Love 'em.

  • jen

    cooolll. good title too ;D ;P but i must say to some people above, could you just say 'looks like a great album' or something. cause it sounds a bit patheic/obsessive with the whole 'love ya' and having to 'take a breath' cause of the picture. no offence, other than that. cooll.

  • Me

    These guys suck it hard and long.

  • bob

    Is this a joke? Am I missing something here? Everyone knows those donut-punchers wipe their dicks on the towels right?

  • quinsosyaliztah

    -- OMG i likE nick foR thiS covEr i'M insanE with him love ya

  • Lia

    OHMYGOD this looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT wait!!! JOE you look FABULOUS!!!!! i love u guys so much!!! xoxo

  • maira

    LOVE it!!!!!!!! one word...PERFECTION!!!!!

  • iluvjoe

    OMJ!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the cover although Nicks eyes look like they are closed anyways i cant wait for may 2...JONAS!!!!!!! and for june 15 for LINES VINES AND TRYING TIMES and then for Aug.11 for the concert in AZ!!!!!!!!!!!i just love the Jonas Brothers with all my heart. PEACE.LOVE.JONAS.4EVER

  • KT

    The cover is amazing! They all look so cute. I'm so excited for the album to come out and for their new show JONAS! plus their concert! much to look forward to. Go JONAS BROTHERS!

  • SH

    OH MY GOD!!!! As soon as I saw this cover, I was freaking out. They look AMAZING, I was gaping at it with my mouth open for like a minute before I could catch my breath again. I LOVE it, I seriously wish it was June 15th already, COME ON♥

  • Bia

    Joe is really strange in this cover!! it's really don't look like him!! But Nick and Kevin are so, so,... I don't have words!! I really can't wait to their show in Brazil and for the new album!!