Beyonce Knowles' Beach Body is Well-Guarded

Beyoncé Knowles' Beach Body is Well-Guarded-photo
Beyoncé enjoyed a long walk on the beach in Miami on Thursday, but she wasn't alone.

No, it wasn't her husband Jay-Z who walked beside her, but five huge security guards.

Not everyone gets to enjoy private moments on the beach.

Why all the muscle? Hasn't the busy Renaissance woman proven she can handle herself, at least in music videos?

It seems five bodyguards is the cost of doing business when you're a huge icon.

But if Jay-Z wants to get on that baby train, he's going to have to pry Beyoncé away from her security detail.



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  • owoyemi michael
    owoyemi michael

    Dat is just the tip of the iceberg

  • Nike

    Love u kendra, how ur hubby n beautiful baby Hank? Happy birthday

  • Nike

    Love u kendra, how ur hubby n beautiful baby Hank?

  • Rebecca

    Wow thats amazing wonder how long it took to make they must b a big fan xx lucky u hope u & the family are good xx

  • Beth

    Girl, love it, what a sweet looking family!

  • Specialbetty

    D blanket is very lovely

  • Nico costantino
    Nico costantino

    Pretty tight. happy late birthday!

  • Melinda

    Oh wow that is so amazing looks awsome!

  • angela

    Wow. That is such a nice blanket the quality of pic really came out good. . Very very nice an so sweet of her to send to u. Its One of those rocking chair blankets for everyone to admire. . Kendra u r a doll an just keep being u cuz thats what we love..

  • shahil baran
    shahil baran

    I love it 2 kendra

  • David

    Ohh is so beautiful i love it....!

  • shortyredd036

    U gotta do what u gotta do!