Billy Ray Cyrus Is Fine With Miley's Pole Dance

Billy Ray Cyrus Is Fine With Miley's Pole Dance-photo

Public opinion about Miley Cyrus' stripper-tastic performance at this year's Teen Choice Awards, but her daddy Billy Ray Cyrus doesn't see anything wrong with his 16-year-old daughter swinging on a stripper pole on national TV.

"You know what? I just think that Miley loves entertaining people," Cyrus tells Access Hollywood. "I always tell her to love what you're doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion. I give my kids a lot of freedom to make the art they wanna make, and make it in their own voice. I think it's important."

Sure. It might also be important to teach your underage daughter not to carry on like a stripper for the whole country to see.

But then, this is the same guy who didn't see anything wrong with posing for Vanity Fair with his teenage daughter draped across his lap.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Miley Cyrus' pole dance at the TCAs was appropriate?


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  • Dominic Reason
    Dominic Reason

    both of them are stupid there were six year olds there for once in her life she should do the right thing walt disney would be p****d

  • uv

    she is becoming more and more like a crazy out of control teenager..... she needs to learn good manners...

  • kaleda

    well yeah, miley shud be able 2 do whatevr she likes, snc Billy vray's okay wf it BUT she is a disney channel star for chrissakes... hannah montana cereal n evry thing... she shudnt mess dat up... she'd b kickd off very soon... dats hw she wants ta roll, shiz gotta face d mud sooner or later.

  • kaleda

    well yeah, miley shud be able 2 do whatevr she likes, snc Billy vray's okay wf it BUT she is a disney channel star for chrissakes... hannah montana cereal n evry thing... she shudnt mess dat up... she'd b kickd off very soon... dats hw she wants ta roll, shiz gotta face d mud sooner or later.

  • rms1970

    Many opinions I've read have been valid... but only to a point. Maybe she was just using the pole as a "prop"... maybe it was just for the "fun"... maybe, just maybe Disney is trying to gain an older teen audience. Regardless of what the maybe's are - the fact is that it is the younger audience that adores her. It is the younger audience who has given her her fame... they have bought the merchandise... they watch the show... and many probably watched this "innocent, fun" dance of hers. The unfortunate part is that this young audience is a group of little girls who very much want to be like her - and we're not talking 12 year olds (though, that is likely as well). Young means 6, 7, 8 year old girls. There is not much in the way of great, well-known role models out there for our young girls to look up to. Be your opinion what it may, but this mom has already had the talk that Miley made a bad choice and we will no longer be watching Disney. It's heart breaking as a mom to have to put the kabosh on something (or someone) that we all thought was great, but the truth is people (and companies) will fail us.

  • crlannisbelle

    it wasnt a pole dance! and WTF one of the greates things of been an artist is the freedom that you feel making music or whatever and 2nd she wasnt Hanna Montana off Disney was Miley soo let her been herself!it was original and cool her performance! and histeric parents if u doesnt like that ur children watch this change the channel its teen choice awards no kids choice awards!!MILEY UR THE BEST!:) ...sorry for the bad writting i just started learning it a few months agooo:P

  • sellyjelly143

    I guess,lilly101 is right,and yeah what if 8 y.o. below are watching tca?and they are a fan of,maybe the child will do the same thing as miley did,you know what I mean,right?anyway,Party In The U.S.A. is the best song ever!

  • afan♥

    omg c`mon its just shooooow...and maybe she wants to go away from her stupid-good-little-disney-girl-image and it WASNt a pole!!!!!!!!tzzzz^^

  • reneelucky7

    IS FINE,,,WHY NOT ?Is Fun ..I Love Pole Dancei Want To Be Pole Dancer :)So What ?? The term is "stripper" not poll dancer. Being a stripper is not for the weak minded, childish type. If you want to be a stripper- you have to be able to take your clothes off with no problem. Your mind has to be set on using people and making money. All kind of men (and sometimes women) come into strip clubs, married, single whatever- they are looking at you like a sex toy for their pleasure. I have 2 friends that are strippers- and they make over $400 a night- but they also do not care about anything but making money. They don't give a sh*t about hurting peoples feeling. Half of the people on this site- that are ok with Miley on a stripper poll dancing- are not even old enough to drink or go to a night club- so they have no f*cking clue what a "real" strip club is like. Also there are a high number of strippers that are on hard core drugs. I am not talking about pot- I am talking about cocaine- it keeps them up at night- because most strip clubs don't start to get busy untill around 11 pm at night. To sum it up- a strippers job is to make a guys dick rock hard and get paid for it. I don't sugar coat sh*t- I am just telling it like it is. I have been to strip clubs- but I am not a 16 year old baby- I am a 25 year old grown ass woman.

  • hoho123

    ?????????????????????? she is hot

  • Tina

    IS FINE,,, WHY NOT ? Is Fun .. I Love Pole Dance i Want To Be Pole Dancer :) So What ??

  • Lovebug

    I don't think that was a good idea , it was more like stupid,i mean how can you dance with a striper pole in front of an young audience. Yeah its no surprize that Billy Cyrus is deffending her with everything she does it doesnt matter for him that she goes aroud 6 year old boys and girls and the whole world in a striper pole. It's her luck that it wasnt so much of that ddancing cos otherwise she would be called " The new Britney Spears". Gosh Miley !

  • Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen

    what a slut!shes just 16 for crying out loud and im a cristin and god hates u cyrus family and even her sister is dancing with a pole the pics are at lainey gossip check it out and god will strike u with lightning 4 all anybody cares u ho bag

  • reneelucky7

    He's just another creepy stage dad selling his daughter in a sexual way- just like Joe Simpson talking about how sexy his daughter was and how she has perfect huge tits in a mens magazine. It's just creepy and sick.

  • Jennifer

    Well, I think that even getting in showbiz at a very young age is really very bad and destroys every little clue of childhood and teen years. It can also be very annoying for all of us to see such a very young girl to behave like she is 30. I think that that girl has not a clear image of herself and that she must learn how important is to keep ourselves serious and not trying to show off especially in a way that makes the other people think the worst of us. I also think that the situation of Billy Ray's daughter is one of the most important priorities of his life.That girl tends to be out of control in the future if she is not been taught that lesson early.

  • stargazer101

    it's not even pole dancing... she just stood near a pole and you call it pole dancing already???

  • yoyoyo

    why the hell was there a pole on a ice cream truck anyway? they could have put something else more appropriate like a umbrella HAHAHA but what miley wore was terrible ! she looked like she danced in her underwear . LOL

  • Hannah

    My dad even asked when they were going to bring to pole out, like 30 seconds before it rolled out. Her outfit was terribly slutty. I mean c'mon. My 5 year old sister likes her, she looks up to her. Miley needs to put on some more clothes before doing something in public seen my 561681351981 people!

  • Karis

    So Billy has no problem with her 16 year old daughter dancing like a stripper in front of milliions of people, most of which include girls as young as 6? Walt Disney must be getting splinters from rolling around his grave so much... Seeing as how Walt Disney was an anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer... i'd say its safe to assume he's not that bothered by one slutty teen star, not the first and she won't be the last

  • namey

    SHE WAS NOT DANCING ON THE POLE!!!!! people come on!!!!! all she did was bend down once and she just stood there singing!!! the purpose of the pole was for her to hold herself. she wasnt doing no stripper dances. god people like to critizes everything she does. POOR GIRL!!!! IT WASNT ALL THAT BIG OF A DEAL!!!!!

  • loz

    no, her future is going to be like lindsay lohan, i mean billy ray cyrus is practically the male version of dina lohan.

  • sukant

    let them live their live , i just want some cool entertainment ,thats all , actually she is good

  • emmaxoxo

    agree with MLT and Jenn. this is seriously sad.

  • angeliz

    god u ppl r seriusly crazyy !!!! she was just dancin next to it !!! u ppl make up too much sh*tt !!!bout her

  • Me

    ok seriously people need to just freakn relax!! It wasnt even a pole dance you morons!! It was like less than a second she went down and got up again. Go and look at videos of what pole dancing is and than compare!!

  • Terry

    Oh people are so naive and silly what Miley did was not stripper dancing haven't these people ever seen a stripper movie. Oh please. Miley is awesome.

  • annalyjonas

    ya i think that was discusting what she did

  • lahe27

    yea i dont think that it was a good idea for her to do that with the young audience that she has, but it wasn't like she was swinging on it and doing all of these crazy stripper moves.

  • lilly101

    I think everything this little girl is doing is innapropiate for her age, she wants to grow really fast and obviously she has no one to teach her different, her dad is just trying to get the most money off her fame and by allowing this kind of behavior he is just leading her to not so good choices in the near future, just watch

  • obsessed

    billy ray is dumb

  • tam46

    Leave them alone. The dance wasn't bad. Watch the video instead of the still pictures.....all you guys do is look for bad things to write about. Get your own lives.

  • carol

    It wasnt a pole dance. people are just so stupid.

  • DirtyOleMan

    looks good to me

  • MTL

    Why am I not surprised. Billy Ray has been pimping his daughter out for years. He obviously has no concept of the word "inappropriate". He can't wait until Miley is the next Britney. Sad. Very sad.

  • edward hayduke
    edward hayduke

    Regardless....we are talking about her right? publicity is publicity

  • anna

    HeloI lov maily Cyrus

  • Jenn

    So Billy has no problem with her 16 year old daughter dancing like a stripper in front of milliions of people, most of which include girls as young as 6? Walt Disney must be getting splinters from rolling around his grave so much...


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