Bitch Fight on 'Entourage'

Bitch Fight on 'Entourage'-photo

HBO's Entourage has inspired a whole generation of skeeves and douchebags to try and conquer Hollywood and bring their posses with em'.

Here's Adrian Grenier and his hangers-on (Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, and Jerry Ferarra) acting all slap-happy on a downtown L.A. location.

This fighting can't be real. Ferarra's gorgeous sweater vest isn't getting mussed. It's much too precious for real fisticuffs.

According to Pacific Coast News Online, Entourage creator Doug Ellin promises that the fifth season will feature a girlfriend and an actual storyline for Ferarra.

You mean the sex in the bunny suit thing wasn't a storyline?



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  • jennykaterine

    im sorry to miss emma watson but mr. tom felton is mine

  • obsessedcullendisorder

    ok.dramione is so cool!! so cute couple.i love tom felton or draco malfoy!!!♥♥ so much:D

  • lainiek

    Can't wait for September 7th! Keep the behind the scenes pics coming! They are helping to make the summer go faster! Love Kevin Connolly and the Entourage boys!

  • notobsessed

    i love this show!! more entourage posts, please!

  • mcdreamyisme

    When is the singing episode of The Office gonna be airing?!?

  • mraniston

    and Leighton Meester will be on it too!!

  • bawwow

    I will watch....just for bow wow!! YUMMY :)

  • hwoodgrrl

    AWW! I love this show! I cant wait for the next season