Bridget Marquardt: "My Boobs Are Taking Over the World"

Bridget Marquardt:

Boobzilla has hit Hollywood!!!

Or so it would appear from the 6464 Sunset Blvd. building (which also happens to be the home of Celebuzz).

We've seen the sign many times and just realized it's for former Playboy Mansion resident/Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt's new Travel Channel program Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. Sorry, our eyes were drawn in another direction.

"Someone sent it to me on my cellphone," Marquardt tells Celebuzz exclusively. "I think my boobs are taking over the world!"

And are these, um, actual size. Enough to cover 10 stories? "My actual boobs?" she asked. "Not quite. No."

And does she like that she's being shown in this manner? "Ya," she says. "I think it's funny and it attracts attention and that's what we need for the show."

Marquardt assures us that they even put her head on some of the other media campaigns. "The whole campaign doesn't look like that, it's just that one particular ad."

First episode airs on March 12. You all can just watch the show. We here at 6464 Sunset, we live it.

Photo source: Buckstop



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  • lola

    You are all so pathetically cruel. Is your body as bangin' as hers? with your face look that decent at 36. When you're hot and have a tv deal come back and bitch

  • iheartcelebs

    ps there are a lot of homeless men on the corner, those cha chas must be comforting

  • iheartcelebs

    i love that her head is cut off. at least they play to her strengths. nice photo!

  • rainydayla

    Mama Mammaries!! Think about all the starving African children those could feed. Eat your heart out Salma Hayek>

  • itsmemarke

    6464? more like 6969, amirite?

  • noah

    good thing that building is short, stout and old-looking ... fits Bridget perfectly.

  • tigertaint

    thank god they didn't blow up her face. mangled. i'll do pull ups from her crow's feet