Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Rekindle Their Fairytale Romance

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Rekindle Their Fairytale Romance-photo

Let's hear it for second chances!

According to Us Magazine, Bristol Palin—the daughter of former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin—and her baby daddy Levi Johnston have reunited, after a bitter split last year.

The pair made headlines during the 2008 Presidential campaign, when news broke that Palin, then 17, was pregnant with Johnston's child. The pair welcomed a son, Tripp, in December 2008, but the couple broke off their engagement in March 2009, leading to a bitter war of words between Johnston and the Palin family.

Since the split, Bristol has hit the lecture circuit to caution youths about the dangers of underage sex, while Johnston most famously waved his private parts in the public's face via Playgirl magazine.

But now happy days are reportedly here again, and Palin and Johnston are giving their relationship a second crack. According to a source close to Bristol,

"Now that Mama Palin is out of the picture and Bristol is on her own in Anchorage, they spend more time together than most people think....Levi even stays overnight. I even think they are back together."

And if there's hope for these two, it's pretty safe to say that there's hope for everyone.

Do you think they can make it work this time? Share your predictions in the comments section.



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  • Cathy

    Yes, there is always hope. Why not? Is not a simple matter to parent a baby by both of them - giving flesh, and blood; then to , raise a kid from new born to college years. $$$$ of Bristol's 12 millions USD worth mom can only do so much. Levi likes her, and she is willing to accept him. Sarah Palin couldn't discipline her children to follow her value, why tighten the leash now when the daughter is way over age 14????!! Kids' mind are basically formed by age 7, if not 14, GEE!!

  • shipdog7

    Levi tried his best to get past his 15 minutes of fame. He wanted full time stardom. He failed miserably. He has no talent. And nowhere else to go. Going back to the Palin camp rejuvenates his ambition. Gets media coverage he didn't have.before.

  • tromba

    This is political crap for Sarah Palin's run for President in 2012. She has to get her family affairs in order to appease the religious far right. The boobs are for the right wing redneck men.