Britney Spears and Jayden James at the Gym (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears and her son Jayden James Ferderline are gonna work it on out!

The Circus singer and her four-year-old put in some time at a kiddie gym in Los Angeles on Thursday, getting some exercise and looking extremely cute while doing so. While Jayden opted for a Batman T-shirt accessorized with a fake tattoo on his neck, Brit-Brit went with a black backless number that brought a little glamour to the workout.

Click through the photo gallery to see more of Britney and her boy putting in some gym time. And make sure to drop by Paparazzi-Razzi for more fascinating celebrity photos.



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  • Serena

    Just Saying That Before You People Start Arguing About Bullcrap! Get Yalls Facts Straight BEFORE Yall Even Say A Word!

  • Serena

    Ok That's NOT Her Son's Real Tattoo! (Not That He Has One) What Kind Of Parent Would Give Their Son A ACTUAL Tattoo?

  • MW

    I love seeing the way Brittney has become the mother she will be proud of when her children grow up. She's come a long way, and it's wonderful to see.

  • tgd46

    Why does she always look greasy? I just want to hold her down & scrub her!

  • Reema Nesbit
    Reema Nesbit

    so good to see britney getting back to normal and playing her child