Britney Spears Is a Slim 'n' Sexy 'Womanizer'

Britney Spears Is a Slim 'n' Sexy 'Womanizer'-photo

If there was any question as to whether Britney Spears could bring her own sexy back, these stills from her new video for "Womanizer" should be the answer!

Of course, she won't be able to use her hot new figure to her advantage for awhile....

The digital "Womanizer" single was added to iTunes today. The video for the tune was directed by Joseph Khan, who previously directed Spears' clips for "Stronger" (2000) and "Toxic" (2004).

Khan won a Grammy for Eminem's "Without Me" video.

Meanwhile, the "Womanizer" vid is set to premiere this Friday at 10:00 p.m.—and not on MTV, but on ABC's 20/20.

Looks like now that Britney's life is back on track, her management is playing all the right cards.


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  • thecritic

    yum yum

  • buzzgent

    Is she serving up a cold glass of sexy in that pic?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I can finally feel good about thinking impure thoughts about her again...

  • kadir

    seni cok beyendim muck


    She's very beautiful in the video... the BRITNEY's POWER back! It's BRITNEY bitch Love...brazilian's fan


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