Britney Spears Tops Charts, Sparks Scandal

Britney Spears Tops Charts, Sparks Scandal-photo

Britney Spears is no doubt used to the ups and downs that life throws her way. But the 27-year-old pop princess might not be accustomed to dealing with such a high and a low all in the same day.

E! Online reports that Spears' comeback album, Circus, has entered the Billboard 200 album chart at #1, selling an astonishing 505,000 copies in its first week of release.

Spears is the first artist to have four albums debut with 500,000-plus copies since SoundScan, the current method used to tally record sales, was launched in 1991.

Brit is now fifth overall among female artists with the most No. 1 albums, trailing only Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.

Alas, some spoilsports always have to come along and rain on the parade. reports that animal-rights group PETA has issued an angry press release, criticizing Spears for using "cruelly trained lions and elephants" in her "Circus" video: "Britney may think her life is a circus, but for the animals who are whipped, chained and beaten to perform under the real big top, the cruelty is very real."

PETA is calling for Britney to "stop using exotic animals in her videos and concerts once and for all."

The organization goes on to claim that Have Trunk Will Travel, the company that provided the elephants for the "Circus" video, "have gone so far as to defend the use of cruel electric prods on elephants."

Company owners Kari and Gari Johnson vehemently deny this claim, and assert that the elephants used in Spears' video were treated humanely.

"The American Humane Association monitors animal action in film and television. A representative was on the set of the Britney Spears Circus video with our elephants, Tai and Kitty, to ensure their safety and welfare," Kari Johnson wrote in a reply to PETA's claims.



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  • Adam C
    Adam C

    PETA needs to go away and never come back. They are cry baby loser who think animal life is more important than our own. I hate PETA and the entire organization is a joke. I believe in taking care of animals, but dear god enough is enough. Britney is back on top where even the haters want her to be. PETA, a special message... "F*** OFF"

  • Alexandra

    Peta is not perfect, but their aim is to protect animals above all. I don't agree with all of their methods, but it's a good thing that they exists because not many people give a "f" about animal's well being. I really love Britney, but I think she is quite clueless on what happens to the animals. She doesn't even deal with them, there's people that do it all for her and tell her what to do. Some people still thinks it's sexy or cool to have wild animals around, makes things "exiting"... somehow... I don't think she means bad at all to them, but she should open her mind to the world outside (her cage...), and stop using animals. So... even if I'm a fan of Britney Spears, even if I don't always agree with Peta, I will send a letter through Peta to Rudolph to make them understand that I don't agree with their using animals. It's annoying, but her public position makes her responsible to what she does, and some people will think "oh, Britney has done it, so I can do it too.". She knows what it is to be looked at, and not being seen after all; so she should care for animals's well being. I really hope so. :-)

  • ricardo

    THats hardly a scandal! those peta people just whine too much. Yeah if there are animals being skinned to make the clothes on people's back, then yeah I get it, thats f*cked up. But the elephant thing...i mean, cmon, they just love to find anyone to blame so that they get media attention.