Britney's Hard at Work

Britney's Hard at Work-photo

It's been a rough couple of years for Britney Spears, but she seems to have stabilized her personal life. The party life-style is under control, and she's spending more time with her children.

As for her career, a few well-received appearances on a popular network sitcom and a collaboration with Madonna seem to have revived her trajectory.

Now, according to Britney's re-united manager Larry Rudolph, she's going full-force with her new album and will be "spending her summer in the recording studio."

A follow-up to her last album Blackout, Spears will be teaming up with J.R. Rotem, the producer with whom she was rumored to have been engaged in a romantic affair last year. They even enjoyed a fake pregnancy scare in the tabloids.

Hopefully, they'll work some of that drama into her music.



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