Britney's Hardest Habit to Quit

Britney's Hardest Habit to Quit-photo

Rumor has it Britney Spears has been secretly seeing Adnan Ghalib. The paparazzo was romantically linked to the pop tart right before her family intervened and father Jamie Spears was installed as her conservator.

Sources dished to TMZ that Ghalib has been spotted visiting the Summit, the gated Los Angeles community where Spears resides.

Good thing she's set to hightail it out of there to a manse that's closer to K-Fed and her boys. No good can come of this thing reigniting.

Sources say the renegade lovers have also been texting each other, including frequent laments that papa Jamie is overly "controlling" with his attempts to squelch their romance.

Does Mel Gibson know about all this?



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  • hwoodgrrl

    I doubt someone that looks like HIM could have been discreet enough to escape Jamie's strict eyes

  • buzzgent

    Britney's taste in men: rivaled only by her taste in hair extensions.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Ewww! I hope he isn't allowed over while she's having sleepovers with her sons. They could slip in the puddles of Adnan's excess hair grease and break their necks.

  • buzzbuddy

    I love her rocking that boob stain!