Brody Jenner Banned

Brody Jenner Banned-photo

Los Angeles nightclub Les Deux has banned The Hills' Brody Jenner from sleazing in their establishment. Brody was tossed from the club on June 13 in the second of two violent incidents.

“Brody was really drunk and acting like a jerk,” says a source, who failed to add the happy news that this resulted in a swift beating for the fancy lad.

Brody was first tossed—like a wilted salad—from Les Deux back in March for "drunken antics" according to In Touch Weekly. And the proprietors have had enough.

“We are taking a break with him," Les Deux's manager stated. "At the moment he cannot come in the club.”

Jenner, who made his name as Lauren Conrad's on again/off again love interest on MTV's The Hills, has reportedly signed to star in his own reality show, Bromance.

He will audition several lucky guys to be his best friend. Eliminations will be conducted from a hot tub, which will redefine the term douche water.



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  • notobsessed

    I think he's hot, but prolly has lots of stds :p

  • hwoodgrrl

    These young reality stars in Hollywood think they run shit and can do whatever they want. It's getting ridiculous. Im actually really shocked that les deux banned him though, they give that club so much publicity!

  • mraniston

    He's such a jerk.

  • moonshine

    I bet he jumped into the fountain at Les Deux

  • mynameisearl

    it must've been pretty bad to get banned as a celeb