Bronson Pelletier Joins 'New Moon' Cast

Bronson Pelletier Joins 'New Moon' Cast-photo

While plenty of question marks still remain about the cast of the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, reports that Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier is definitely signing up for the second installment of the vampire saga.

Carrier Talent Management, which reps Pelletier, posted a message on its Web site earlier today reading, "Congratulations to Bronson who scores a lead role in the highly anticipated Twilight feature film sequel New Moon. It's rumored he will be co-starring with Dakota Fanning."

Though the message has since been removed, a source confirms that Pelletier has been added to the cast.

Pelletier is known for his work on the television series Renegadepress and Dinosapien.

It's uncertain what role Pelletier has been tapped for. However, given his Native American background—his heritage derives from the Plains Cree tribe of the Askinootow First Nations—it's a strong possibility that he'll be playing one of the werewolves of the Quileute tribe.



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  • jaimie

    he is so hot

  • sam

    well i think he is so hot!!! and yes he is playing jared!! xxx

  • I

    wow you guys are stupid. he's definitely not playing dakota's co-star. he's Jared. :)

  • rach

    Thank Heaven we have an Native American playin a Native American! This is nice to c for a change!

  • Linds

    NOOOOOOO... What about Sol or Krys..? :( THEY should be cast!

  • Rebekah

    If he is rumored to be co-starring with dakota, the first person i think of is Alex. but with his backround and everything...i think jared or seth. :)

  • ME!!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOO................choose someone we know!!!!

  • noah

    Wait! Some actor 've never heard of joins something I've never heard about?! AWESOME.