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  • Yep

    wow had no idea she looked like that, Twilight disguised her well. I know she's naked, but it's a good cause. Rock your rockin body girl cause you got it!

  • jezy

    perfect ass

  • aisha

    ok i'd love to do that BUT FOR TAYLOR LAUTNERS EYES ONLY

  • she wants the spotlight
    she wants the spotlight

    you know this girl doesn't give a damn about animal's!!!!!!!!!!

  • hannah

    Getting naked is not a BETTER choice. Obviously wearing animal anything is wrong but at the same time, taking your clothes off and showing the world your body is just stupid. There are other ways to STOP cruelty towards animals and in my opinion, getting naked is not a way. It proves nothing. It achieves nothing.

  • obsessed

    i didnt imagine her doing this kinda pics..

  • jen

    wth ppl, it doesn't matter if she not that famous. there are heaps of people who arn't famous at all who are doing this, showing that being naked is better than wearing skin that is NOT their own. Good for her

  • vpopadiuc87

    i dont know who she is ...

  • kelly0eminemfan

    if i looked like tht id go naked too

  • sydsouth

    * oh hell no--save the animals ppl.... J.K.!! She lucky she has a nice body or I would have roasted her...but I still look better...lolz--seriously though if Taylor Lautner sees her naked ass i'ma be mad as f*ck..!!! clever idea though..but she could of had a tree branch covering her ass--yuck!!*

  • Batman

    She look s fabulous. Good for you. Don't worry bout the haters. They're chewing up their cancer steaks with eny

  • lizbizz11

    She isn't even that famous so I am really not understanding why they used her.

  • alex

    sorry i meant to say fur and wear

  • alexandra-alex

    it wasn't dumb for her to do that she was doing it to show us that it is wrong to wear for and that she would rather go naked than weat it

  • what the hell is wrong with her!!!!
    what the hell is wrong with her!!!!

    I guess this b!t@h is willing to do anything for fame!!!!!! I think it was dumb of her to do this to her self!!!!! lost all respect for her!!!

  • itsmemarke

    yowza... suzie crabgrass how you've blossomed. ill let her give me crabgrass anyday, owww