BUZZINGS: Adam Lambert Decides to Make the 'American Idol' Finale Much Less Fabulous

BUZZINGS: Adam Lambert Decides to Make the 'American Idol' Finale Much Less Fabulous-photo
  • Adam Lambert has bailed on his scheduled performance on tonight's American Idol season finale, probably because he's emotionally overwhelmed by Simon Cowell's departure. Sigh; aren't we all? (PopEater)
  • Speaking of Idol, been wondering what Sanjaya's up to lately? In case the corner he panhandles on isn't along your commute route, read this. (Wonderwall)
  • Kendra Wilkinson says that her sex-tape scandal is the "hardest time" of her life. Please, no "That's what he said" jokes. (Huffington Post)
  • Mary-Louise Parker regrets that she went topless for Weeds. That just might put her in the most exclusive club ever. (Starpulse)
  • A guide to Sex and the City 2-inspired cocktails. We recommend straight gin for any unfortunate boyfriends who are dragged along to see it. (Hollywood Life)


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  • Mar

    Is it really that hard to report truth rather than lies? Lambert was NEVER scheduled to perform on the AI finale. He said he hoped to be on the finale, but that was it. Hope does not equal scheduled. Moreover, he confirmed via Twitter on May 19 that he would NOT be performing. I assume you all know about Twitter, right?

  • Who cares
    Who cares

    He is so gross

  • Bella

    lol..PoopEater is full of sh!t! Adam said a week ago he would not be on the finale.

  • Ellen Makofsky Calderazzo
    Ellen Makofsky Calderazzo

    Adam didn't "bail" on anything - think whatever...his real fans know - total professional & totally anyone that respects him, his friends, & his "glamily"! Love & Respect to all, or nothing at all!!

  • Pops Warner
    Pops Warner

    Celebuzz, you need to run a caption contest for that photo of Glambo! Allow me to start: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."