BUZZINGS: Lindsay Lohan Claims To Be The Only Lindsay In The World

BUZZINGS: Lindsay Lohan Claims To Be The Only Lindsay In The World-photo
  • Lindsay Lohan has filed a $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade for their new commercial featuring a boyfriend-stealing, "milkaholic" baby named Lindsay, who she says is modeled after her. Because she's the only Lindsay in the world. And she really loves milk, you guys. (Popeater)

  • After much fan pressure, SNL has announced that Betty White will host an upcoming show. Then it went back to shooting itself in the foot. (DListed)

  • Kathy Ireland claims she wasn't drunk or high during the Oscar red carpet show. Then she said, "Who's Oscar??" (Socialites Life)

  • Lil Wayne finally began serving his prison sentence yesterday. Then announced his plans to "get to know" every prisoner in the world. (Idolator)

  • George Clooney was caught not standing up with the rest of the audience when Mo'nique won her Oscar for Precious. Guess he wasn't a fan of her hosting Charm School then, eh?? (Celebslam)


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  • carolhotpink

    I can milk you Lindsay!

  • Anonymous

    if the baby was a red whos name was Lindsay then maybe she wouldve had a case

  • WTF

    is she retarded? not only is she referring to herself as holic of some kind (in the commercial it was milk-oholic) but shes basically saying she owns the name Lindsay.. get over yourself stupid