Can Lily Allen's Breasts Keep Her Career Afloat?

Can Lily Allen's Breasts Keep Her Career Afloat?-photo

 In an apparent attempt to outdo Amy Winehouse's recent belly-baring escapades, Lily Allen took the twins out for some air in France yesterday, giving nearby paps a lens-full of chest flesh while waiting for the Cannes Film Festival to begin.

During her topless cavorting, Allen even dove off a cliff and miraculously survived, despite the seemingly profound influence that gravity would have on the impact.

While some would applaud Allen's skin-friendly frolic, the whole thing seems to be a bit desperate and a very bad idea.

For one thing, any wackiness competition with Winehouse is likely to end with a casket instead of a finish line.



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  • hwoodgrrl

    whats with that hair girl??

  • rockinout

    YOWZA where can i get a copy of the pic without the little bumblebees?