Caption Mischa Barton!

Caption Mischa Barton!-photo

Woah, how things have changed!

Former OC actress Mischa Barton was spotted leaving the Bungalow 8 Nightclub in London at 3:30 am after a 'Death By Daylight' event on June 25, 2009.

Well, she certainly dressed for the occasion.

Check out our other pictures of Mischa out partying in the gallery.

Please, feel free to caption the 23-year-old beauty in our comments section. You know you want to!



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  • snake bite hard
    snake bite hard

    you make a very very swt couple.... :)

  • Edwina (11 Year) Selena Gomez fan
    Edwina (11 Year) Selena Gomez fan

    I think the going out to spent more and time with each-other:P But that does means they are dating!! They are having shuch a good time together! So just find something els to write, not bout Just and Selena!

  • desiree

    you i love jutin bieber

  • breezy90210

    i dont like salena and she shouldent go out wit them

  • breezy90210

    aomonni do u think justin should go wit salena

  • breezy90210

    right nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont make sence does it

  • breezy90210

    i dont think they are dating its just so crazy if they were

  • haily berton
    haily berton

    it kills me to see that tyou have a girlfriend but i guess i will just have to get over it because i have to admit you guys are really cute together!!!!!!!

  • vitoria

    I fabulifantastico clear that the two flirt with some care but they are pretty fair that I support By:Vii NuNez

  • ashley

    Selena Gomez is way to hot and funny to be dating Justin Beiber so if I were her I would dump him right away.

  • alexis

    are you realy dating selana

  • joy123

    Why would selena do something creepy like that? :D zz

  • teki

    I'm gonna be jelous!!:((:((:(( I love Jb!!!

  • jb fan
    jb fan

    i dont think u r a fanif u care about him and his preshes heart than u would be happy for him and reallly death threats come on peple

  • jb fan
    jb fan

    every on who is posting these comments do u really think that u have a chance with him well good luck with that and if u were really a jb fan then u would be happy for them plus i am in love with justin beiber and i dont hate salena but i know i dont have a chance with him so i just let it go and all off those slezy reoporters make things up and get payed by u reading there stuff

  • kesia

    meu deus vc ainda acredita nisso vc sp pode ser lezados !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hhiiii luv u


    hey my sister likes u but i think that u and selena gomez make a cute couple the people that say noooo they are rong so rong so all thoose that said yes are rite ok do not listen to them ok luv u always :0

  • listhuania cedeno
    listhuania cedeno

    it is mah obviously that there are dating bc in the news paper they repoted it that they are going out.

  • harleigh

    aww hope not xx

  • misskristimusic

    SelenaFan i agree

  • SelenaFan

    It's soooo not true that Justin Bieber dating with Selena Gomez! I don't know why people said that they are dating,it's so ridiculous!!!

  • dvdwn

    As a "selenatico", I don't care if they are dating or not, I just care about Selena's happiness, so do some "beliebers" should do, just care about Justin happiness and do not send Selena threats :|

  • emo skull
    emo skull

    i think that justin bieber can date ho ever he whnts to date and sory selena gomez you are not the perfect girlfriend for justin bieber why dont you go back with nick jones your EX or lets say miely cyrus EX that you stol him from her am all done haerso thats a litttle massge from me to selena gomez I WISH JUSTIN BIEBER COULD DATE ME 4 ONE NIGHT AND THEN U ALL CAN DATE HIM i LOVE u justin but i hate selena gomez

  • misskristimusic

    i think that they r only friends

  • iman zare
    iman zare


  • yup_ its_ true
    yup_ its_ true

    Yeah, its true. Haven't you girls/guys seen the pictures of them getting all horny on a yacht, Look I'm a Bieleber, but I'm happy they're dating. But i still think Selena's a bit of a cougar.

  • truebelieberfromtheheart

    this is rubbish! if u guyz knw or not when justin luked a bit ounger or childish she used to ignore him and say hes like ma lil brother and stuff but nw when he is a grown sexy man shes getting closer to hiM!!! DONT U GUYZ GET IT! SHE'Z A FAKER!!

  • Makaela Hook
    Makaela Hook


  • Nadira

    awwhhh poor jasmine Villegas !

  • kelsei anderson
    kelsei anderson

    i don't think they are dating. just because they are hugging each other doesn't mean they are dating i hug my guy friends that way and it doesn't mean that i am dating any of them.

  • Dranzoa Regina
    Dranzoa Regina

    you fool justin bieber

  • Chloe

    I dont really care if there going out are not cus its, none of are buissness and the people who are posting death threats, on selena's twitter are just being silly and acting like 4 year olds because after all its up to justin who he hangs around with and if you wont justin to be happy let him hang around with selena. Cus its not like your goin to end up 'going out' with justin you might but probly wont .................

  • MEssamMoawad

    sureeeeeeeeeee ;)

  • Morgan

    i think they are too... But i think also they would make a great couple.. Cause she is really pretty, and he is so freaking sexy !! but maybe they are so what i would hate to be a celeb. cause you never have no privacy! but hopefully they are better than miley cyrus stupid crack self ! hopefully selena want mess up like miley does!

  • bubblegum132

    i am a huge justin bieber fan and i have to admitt i was a little upset myself because come on this dude is hot but who he dates is his buisness and i dont think you should leave death threats to selena because justin makes her happy and she makes him happy and if you guys really love justin the way you say you do then you will want him to be happy you know.

  • smile8710

    sorry its there chose who too date i could BREATH!!!!

  • smile8710

    WHATTTT!!!!! my favorite stars of all time are dateing noooooo better friends idkk......just friends....couple....sorry!!!!!!

  • niecy2jb

    i am a jb fan to death but he chose who he wants and thats his chose but i still would have loved to be his.still love u both u make a awsome couple.LUV YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • isabelle figueroa
    isabelle figueroa

    i think they are. and im really jelous. wish that could be me. but its what ever justin wants and if thats what he wants then ok. what ever makes him happy.. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!! ALWAYSS ,

  • stephanie

    thats stupid because justin bieber is mined he is dating me he is mined and he is the best guy ever so get away selena i hate yuh selena justin mined

  • meiner

    Exactly what were going to the reporters and bloggers ... a manhunt on Selena Gomez ... now they want to take any no responsibility for the result

  • Tysheena

    Don't worry about it.

  • sondra

    Hey I am a justin bieber fan and I think who ever he dates is his buissness because he is a responsible teen. In my opinion - and all those hate letters or whatever those things are that selena is getting from angry fans I think it is to her sooo........LAYOFF with it I mean seriously. And if they are dating I think they make a cute couple

  • jesse m
    jesse m

    i think they ready are going out because they spent to much time hugging on each other then makin ppl think dat dhey are going out n if they are going out they will be really good together and they will be cute im a biggggggggg fan of both of them

  • claudia

    It's Mischa, Kelly Osbourne and Chucky (The Evil Doll) clone gone wrong.

  • marie

    WTF happened? she looked great during her oc years and now THIS whatever this is. she is only 23 damn girl WTF happened?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    She looks like a young Pete Doherty in this pictures. More like the result of Pete Doherty mating with a Howdy Doody puppet. And who's to say he hasn't?

  • Jesse

    She looks like a young Pete Doherty in this pictures.

  • moflo19

    This GIRL looks all kinds of bad for 23! She is on drugs FOR SURE! So sad to see these young women with beauty, talent, and money throwing their lives away. CLEAN YOURSELF UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kk

    she looked OLDer than her actual age..and that's not a good thing in her case ... too much partying and wasted .. no goal in life?

  • noah

    She looks like the Mad Hatter... on a lot of whippets.