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Sometimes celebrity endorsements can be a bit awkward. Such as these Disney Garden brand red cherries, with Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus' face plastered on the package.

Readers, it's up to you, because frankly we're speechless. Take to the comments section and tells us what the advertising slogan for this product should be.



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  • Tiffany Pepper
    Tiffany Pepper

    Disney Star Hannah Montana is practically "Giving" her cherry away!....At the cheap price of $1.25 :D

  • funniest thing ever
    funniest thing ever

    Pop my cherry then suck on my pits? that is pure genius. you just made my day .

  • trent

    i guess disney didin't tell her there was cherry's out with hanna's face on it i saw her twit and she was like susrprise about it well i guess disney dosen't ask the stars anymore to use there image.

  • xavier

    the slogan should say take a bite out of my cherry and you will be proud of saying i pop hanna's cherry who still a virgin the character that is.

  • Amanda

    why is everyone sayin poopin?

  • M

    Pop my cherry then suck on my pits? This is beautiful.

  • J

    Fruity, Fresh and Full of Poppin' Flavour!

  • vanessa

    "pop hannah montanas cherry!.....into your mouth!" hahaha

  • noah

    Pop my cherry then suck on my pits?

  • trent

    the slogan should say: cum i mean come to see me get my cherry pop by every one including the 7 dwarfs.

  • Smiley

    Hannah's cherries are fresh for the poppin'! Or not so much, because we here at disney like to sell the innocence that this girl right here hasn't done a few frisky things outside the set y'all!

  • xavier

    lol if justin gaston or nick jonas didin't pop her cherry now you can pop her cherry too.that would be a cool slogan but only if they show it at night

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Bet you can't pop just one!