Enrique Iglesias

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  • monica (SA)
    monica (SA)

    Please come to south africa again please we just love you. you are the most sexy est man alive.

  • Melissa Harp Hernandez
    Melissa Harp Hernandez

    He is absolutely the best performer ever! Don't ever stop doing what u do best & that's entertaining the fans!

  • ALI

    M bigest fan of urs enrique..love u....u rock!!!

  • ANA

    u r beautiful don't change ever i love Ur attitude towards everything and i have to admit u r really hot!!! LOVE U BABE!

  • ashleyiglesias

    Enrique ROCKS!

  • Diana Smaic
    Diana Smaic

    [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/28/1wIOH-10u-1-340_226.jpg[/img] YES ENRIQUE YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING, HOTTEST MEN ON THE WORLD..... SEXY MEN HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT........

  • Diana Smaic
    Diana Smaic

    [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/28/1wIOH-10K-1-340_229.jpg[/img] you are soooo beautiful men on the world

  • Diana Smaic
    Diana Smaic

    i loooove youu

  • aarushi

    ya katarina ur right enrique is the most hotest and sexeyest man in the world love u <3 <3

  • Katarina Beslic
    Katarina Beslic

    You're the hottest man alive! LOVE YA♥