Jake Gyllenhaal


Born into a show-biz family (his father is director Stephen Gyllenhaal, his mother is producer Naomi Foner, and his godfather is Paul Newman), Jake Gyllenhaal broke through big-time in the title role of 2001 bizarro mystery flick Donnie Darko. Since then he's displayed considerable range, playing light-in-the-boots cowboy 'Jack Twist' in Brokeback Mountain (which earned him an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss-with Heath Ledger) , renegade Marine 'Anthony Swofford' in Jarhead and serial-killer investigator 'Robert Graysmith' in Zodiac. It's an impressive résumé for a guy who still hasn't hit 30 (he was born December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles), bears a confusing surname (it's pronounced "jill-en-hall") and labors under the shadow of a successful actress sibling (you might have heard of his big sister, Maggie).

Jake Gyllenhaal

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