Tori Spelling


Daddy's little B list celebrity Tori Spelling was hatched in Los Angeles, California, on May 16, 1973, but she didn't become famous until she landed the role of 'Donna Martin' on Beverly Hills 90210, a seminal 1980s show produced by her farther, Aaron Spelling. Big screen success has so far eluded Tori, who peaked in several Lifetime television dramas, typified by Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? and Co-Ed Call Girl.  On the domestic front, Tori's gone from home-wrecker to homemaker with Dean McDermott, a formerly married co-star who is now her husband and impregnator. Tori and Dean jumped on the reality gravy train with Inn Love. On her own, Ms. Spelling authored the scintillating sTori Telling tell-all tome.

Tori Spelling

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  • Adam

    She is a lovely laddy.