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  • Azumi

    I think Reality TV shows ruin marriage that seems to be the trend these days!Maybe my oniipon doesn't count because I have only been married for a year, but me and my husband were together 7 years before we tied the knot, and had lived together for 3 of those 7 years. After one year of marriage it still felt the same as when we just dating/engaged. I agree with Nicole and think regarless of being married, your relationship is going to change and grow with the couples growths and changes. I can only assume that some people forget as to why they got married..they get caught up in their careers, children, ect. I think it's important as couples, to not ever forget why we said those vows in the first place. For the person who said she married just because of a insurance for a baby, I think it is safe to say that you probably won't be happy and I don't think her situation really counts. I married my husband because he is an amazing person- he has a great sense of humor, he always makes me laugh, and he has been my rock through so many tough times, I can't imagine not loving him or not feeling like he's my best friend..and now that we'll have been together for 8 years, I can say my love has only grown deeper and my devotion stronger.As far as sex goes, I think the humping like rabbits stage always goes away unless you are two extremely horney people. When you first start having's great, it's new, it's fun but usually when you move in together, you don't feel the need to have sex all the time and with work, school, kids and/or social life, sometimes it's not as frequent as you'd want it. For the first 4 years we were long distance so we'd only see each other once a month, so that weekend HAD to make up for the month. In the end, if you really want to be happy in your marriage or any important relationship you have to work at it, both of you It's also important to remember, no one relationship is the same, and just because someone else can't take care of their marriage, or lets their marriage fall apart, or complains about marriage..doesn't mean that it will be the same for you- as you are two completely different couples.