Chris Robinson


Chris Robinson was born December 20, 1966, in Marietta, Georgia. He is the frontman for the rock-and-roll band The Black Crowes. The band released their debut album, Shake Your Money Maker, in 1989, after which they released several other albums, including Amorica, By Your Side and Lions. In 2002, the band decided to take a break, and Chris recorded a solo album, New Earth Mud. He recorded two more solo albums, then The Black Crowes reunited in 2005 and subsequently released the albums  Warpaint, Before the Frost...Until the Freeze and Croweology. Chris has been married three times, most notably to actress Kate Hudson, whom he married in December 2000, had a son with, then divorced in 2007. He and his third wife, Allison Bridges, have a daughter together.

Chris Robinson

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