Courtney Stodden


In May 2011, 16-year-old Courtney Alexis Stodden married actor Doug Hutchison in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the Clark County Nevada Marriage Bureau, both marriage license applicants must be at least 18 years of age. However, the bride's mother signed a consent form permitting the early marriage. On her website, Stodden identifies herself as a "recording artist, singer/songwriter, actress and model."

Courtney Stodden

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  • nikpewpew


  • Cindy Mullenax
    Cindy Mullenax

    ALOT OF People say MEAN things about this Young Woman, and that to me is WRONG...She is BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT??? Some people are just SO MISERABLE IN THEIR OWN LIVES, THEY PROJECT IT ON OTHERS...Do Your thing Courtney, don't let ANYONE tell You OTHERWISE!!!

  • Frank Tha Bank
    Frank Tha Bank

    Her husband is THE MAN! Any dude his age would give their left nut to have a sweet young tight piece of ass like that. Who cares if shes dumb? Im sure he just tunes her out until she gets naked. He knows its not going to last, so he will just enjoy it while it lasts, then get another young piece of ass after she jets.

  • Ridwan Olatunji Azeez
  • Kim

    If you think Courtney looks like she's in her 40's then you need an eye test, hun!

  • Jane

    Fuck up Sherry, go pedo on some other young girls.

  • Heidi

    She's 18 years old and 19 this year.

  • jonnnnnnyyyy

    HEY! Looks like a the perfect couple: Tranny & cancer/mental patient, both which are hideous, trashy, cheap, 45 year old looking(her), molester, fame whoring unnatural freaks. We all know she and d list doug comments on her own "stories"...They look so smelly!! They need to disappear, ASAP.

  • Duh

    You dressed as a sluty stripper? You look way too old to be wearing that. Grosses me out at the thought. You have no class. You have no business judging someone you don't know.

  • Michelle

    I watched them on Couples Thearpy. I felt so bad for Doug. He is in love with her. She has no feelings. She looks so empty. So void. Her mother was on as well. She seems very empty as well. I think the mother fell in love with Doug by reading his e mail exchange wth Courtney. I t was the love she wished she could have had. So she agreed to let Courntney marry Doug. I agree something is missing in Doug's life but I really don't he he is a prevert. I do think Courtneyis beautiful but has done too much to herself. She would be stunningly beautiful, if she aspired to look and act her age. It's a sad, sad story. I fear for Doug I really do.

  • WTHCelebz

    OMFG! SLUT?? You should be ashamed of yourself... she's a young, young girl...Do you think spreading that type of hatefulness is really necessary or beneficial to anyone! PEOPLE LIKE YOU REALLY TURN MY STOMACH>>> not lost girls like Courtney Stodden...

  • WTHCelebz

    LET ME TELL YOU SUMTHIN HUNTY! Don't try Drag Queens... They look better than you and SOOOO Does The COURTSTER!

  • ky

    Mom and dad signed the marrige papers. Sick parents

  • ky

    Her mom and dad signed the marriage papers for her to get married to this guy. Mom has a lot of problems. I think mom was thinking that this guy can take her places in Hollywood. Make a career, etc.

  • Beth

    I have a 7 year old daughter, and I would never in a million years allow her to do what the " person " is doing!! We are all for her being herself and taking up the causes of other people. as for this nimrod understanding any of the supposed causes that she stands for... I don't think she can spell them let alone know what the stand for. She's a freaking JOKE!! Where the hell is her mother and Father, and why haven't the police looked in on this jerk!! He played a Jerk in the Green Mile, and I guess he lives through his roles!! She has no respect for herself or her body, and if my daughter ever, ever came home and wanted to be like her I would put her in therapy!! Thank God that at 7 my daughter has more class and knowledge than this SLUT!!! Dourtney sucks!!! You freaking pervert!! No wonder your family wants nothing to do with you, your a freaking Child Molester!! I know that my daughter will never bring home a man old enough to be her father home, because my husband would beat the living day lites out of him because he would only be one thing, a cho-mo!!!!

  • Mickie

    why all the hype for this nobody?

  • athena

    yes she is pretty butwhat i dont undertstand is how a girl her age can pose for pics like she does and marry a man his age, without charges of exploitation, or statutory rape??? something is wromng with that!!

  • Lindsay Robibero
    Lindsay Robibero

    she looks extremely unhappy in most of these pictures that are taken while they are walking - in one it looks like she has been crying. Its only until they catch her alone that she is posing and smiling. She can't be happy with this man you can tell when people are in love! He simply is her sugar daddy a guy she feels can help pay her way to the top (whatever top she feels that may be) because if she is looking to be taken seriously this is not it!

  • Michelle Robinson
    Michelle Robinson

    For all you men calling her beautiful, yes she is( I'm a woman... And any woman who says she's not is just jealous). But I want you guys to keep in mind that by you grown men saying this about a little girl, that makes you no different than the perverted old man who married her(obviously for sex sense she was under age). She's younger than me by a year. She just turned 18, but think... This man is like, what? In his late 40s, 50s? And he was messed up in the head enough to think sexually about a 16 year old girl. For a lot of people, he's not only old enough to be her father, but almost old enough to be her grandfather. That's disturbing and anyone that old who wants to have sex with a child is sick in their heads.... It's perverted. Remember that.

  • cool

    She is typically loser you would have at school or office before. A stUPID girl who getS confidence suddenly after losing virginity and start acting like a porn actress.

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    She is obscene.

  • Lola

    ewww I'm All for age differences but eewww he's old enough to be her papa

  • zombie

    This bitch.


    Thank God someone who speaks some sense...Love your comment. This tells me that her husband Doug Hutchinson is not a man, but some sick twisted middle aged pervert!!!

  • bobo

    I wouldn't do her with YOUR "richard"... bleah...

  • FinalWordFul

    She's gorgeous all right... for a DRAG QUEEN! Bwwaahhahahaheeeehaaharharhhaha... eeewwww... YUCK!

  • FinalWordFul

    I'm a man and I find this girl to be a total turn off. She looks like a 40 to 50-year-old transvestite. She is going to have an excruciatingly difficult time aging. By the time she turns 21, she will be haggard and done with.

  • Alexis

    No Effence?? You're a moron. She should be married to a 50 year old, because she looks 50. Gross.

  • nerkennemkris

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  • kardashiansonmydick

    16! wow shed be a hot little fuck

  • cass

    no effence babes, but that whole comment made no sense wat so ever..

  • Jennifer Nichole Conners-Dawson
    Jennifer Nichole Conners-Dawson

    You are kind to say 25 as I had no idea who this person was until about two months ago and sadly I really thought she was easily in her 40's. I feel very sad for her. I could go out there and act like that, but it is called being classy sexy. Not trashy sexy. Of course, guys are going to come on and say "whoo boobs" but I have false ones yet they look sexy with some cleavage showing. I just cannot believe these are not pre-planned. Hey TMZ we are going to be at ____. She will do anything to be famous and I hate for her to crash and burn. I care about these people. Why is she calling out for this attention? How great would she look dressed but classy sexy...that outfit is just a hot mess. I bought those shoes for my halloween costume last year as I was a stripper. Geez.

  • Kaila Kim
    Kaila Kim

    Totally Hottt!!! Love yah girl!!!

  • fire&ice

    i really do love little miss Stodden. Such a hottie & such a baben girl.. EVERYTHING about her is AMAZING! OH MY, OH MY!

  • gigi

    Krista? girl watchu playing at?

  • OMG

    Go away Krista

  • gigi

    shes gorg so who cares!

  • Annie

    She is trying too hard to be sexy, which just comes off as super skanky! Not a good look on a 17 year old.

  • gigi

    courtney is super hot & has da best bod!!!!!! luv ya court xxx

  • hstabbert

    Mexico makes it easy to get work done for cheap and off the books... God this girl is so dumb.

  • jane

    more like 30!

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  • Jackie Quick-Human
    Jackie Quick-Human

    I cant believe this chick is 16! No stinking way. She looks like she is 25 easily.