Dina Lohan


Dina Lohan is an attention-seeking stage mom who incessantly hurls her brood in front of the cameras to feel relevant. To prove it, let’s play word association! Exploitive… Living Lohan (a reality show in which Dina and her younger kids star – apparently eldest daughter Lindsay Lohan is too big to slum it on E!); Delusional… The White Oprah (a moniker with which she has anointed herself); ‘Momager’… Dina Lohan (what bloggers call her); Liar… Dina Lohan (she was never a Rockette as she had claimed); Partier… Dina Lohan; Coattail rider… Dina Lohan; Damage-control junkie… Dina Lohan; etc. Born in New York on September 15, 1962, Ms. Lohan is divorced with four camera-ready kids.

Dina Lohan

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