Evangeline Lilly


With only a few forgettable bit parts under her belt, Evangeline Lilly was a virtual unknown when she landed the role of 'Kate Austen' on Lost in 2004. It would be easy to assume the freckle-faced cutie pie is an all-American gal, but she also speaks French and was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada (on August 3, 1979). Evangeline was spotted by Ford modeling agency -- and at 5' 5" (sort of short for a model), they wanted her anyway. She' a total earth ball: into rock climbing, kayaking and lived in a grass hut in the Philippines as a human rights volunteer. A seeming strong sense of self (or perhaps just a prude), she turned her nose up at a partial nude scene on the popular J.J. Abrams show. She has also been on-again-off-again with costar Dominic Monaghan (they were said to have rekindled their romance in 2008) and seems to be permanently off-again with the paparazzi, who are often treated to Evangeline's lovely middle finger.

Evangeline Lilly

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  • Lorran

    I am come from Iran. Eva every body love.s u and shoct whenheard about you and donmic. Eva in my dream every time Italk to you and I wish one day I meet you. you are bestand best actress. Pease tell to Iranian peaple why youchose Dominc. you are perfect and you are so beutiful andnice face, caracter. Wait and thinking about your amarrigedon,t broke your heart. I love you so much. I saw 5 seasean5 times just for you and I culdn,t slepp at meny weeks becouse of you. You are my faverit actress in the hollywoodwold.