Haley Joel Osmet


Haley Joel Osment was born in Los Angeles on April 10, 1988, and embarked on his acting career at a very young age, as many actors do. He began making appearances in commercials and taking on small television roles. His career began while accompanied by his father for a Pizza Hut commercial and was extremely discouraged by the overwhelming amount of children going for the job. Eventually, he stood out and landed the part that would launch his career. Soon after, in 1994, he made his debut as the shrimp slinger in the highly successful film Forrest Gump. Also, from 1995 to 1997, he had a role on The Jeff Foxworthy Show. Osment also made appearances in TV movies such as Mixed Nuts and Bogus before making his breakthrough in M. Night Shyamalan's film The Sixth Sense. Because of his role in this film, he became an Oscar nominee at the age of 11. After the extreme success of The Sixth Sense, he was cast in the well intended but fatally flawed feel-good failure Pay it Forward. Because of his work in this film, critics recognized his exceptional performance in what was otherwise a complete flop. The key to his next project was creativity┬Ž a lot of it. Osment was cast in Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated film A.I., a very futuristic story of an android that aspires to feel human emotion. In addition to appearing onscreen, Haley lent his voice to a series of animated films in 2000 such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame II and The Jungle Book II. In 2003, Haley returned to the screen with a role in Secondhand Lions. Currently, Osment is a student at New York University.

Haley Joel Osmet

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