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  • Murat

    I think that Peeta is sincere in his love for Katniss, but I think he is trynig to play down how he feels in fear that both Katniss and the people of the Capitol will see his love as a weakness. He is afraid to make himself vulnerable. He is trynig to keep both Katniss and himself alive, and he knows that the only way to do this is to play to the Capitol's interest. He is smart.My question is, do you think Katniss is sincere in her care for Peeta? Is she really in love with him, despite her reservations? After all, she was willing to risk her life for him several times.

  • Vithal

    I've already read the Hunger Games triolgy, now I've just got to get my daughter to read them. I just finished Switched and Torn by Amanda Hocking, loved them, really loved them. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes YA. Also read Marie Force's new one last night, Hoping For Love. Loved it too. Now I'm working on Million Dollar Amnesia Scandal by Rachel Bailey, it's a Desire. I always enjoy her's too. It's a cool, rainy, dreary day here today so I'm sitting down with my feet up under a throw and getting ready to read. Have a great day.

  • Achiles

    Some friends of mine, are tlaikng about going to take a trip to Australia in 2014. So I am saving for the trip. Glad to hear you had great time bet trying on the jewelry was fun! I am reading The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.I just can't wait to read your new books! My daughter is reading the Hunger Games trilogy. She can't put down the books! I will be reading them next!I am also checking out The Unoffiicial Guide to Hawaii since April is coming soon and so is my trip to Hawaii. Can't wait!Is there a chance, you may be Hawaii in April? I am hoping to stop by Ty's Surf shop Have a great weekend!

  • Angel

    Hi Jane!Waaaaaayyy back in the day when I still had my non-stretched-out-by-having-kids-body I loved trying on beiulafutly constucted clothes. My grandmother had kept some of my mother's gowns and those were fun to put on and pretend. (Now I just love wearing yoga pants!)Recently I've read Amy Hatvany (she's a fantastic weaver of stories,) a Debra Webb Harlequin, and Lisa Lutz. I just downloaded the Austenland books yesterday and my neighbor gave me Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik.And, I will have to get the Hunger Games Trilogy I've only heard amazing things about the books.Hope your HI house is drying out, and your WA house gets an offer soon!

  • Brow

    Birks Fine Jewellery is an upscale Canadian store and the Montreal head ofcfie is one of my favourite places to window shop and their catalogue of specialty pieces is to die for! A couple of years back I took my middle daughter in to ooh and ah over the display cases and we were lucky enough to get a sympathetic salesman who let Rachel try on a $42,000 ruby and diamond ring. It was stunning, looked wonderful on her finger and she was a princess for a couple of minutes.You inspired me to get to the Hunger Games I thought my son had read them and yesterday I ordered books from Chapters and didn't order the Hunger Games because I thought I would borrow it from him. Much to my dismay, he hasn't got a copy I'll head out to a brick Chapters store tomorrow to get my book fix for the weekend.You should have bought that necklace pictured above it looks great on you I'm knitting socks and reading this weekend. Sunny one day and rainy one day, but both days hovering around the freezing point, so spring is on the way!

  • Yazed

    I haven't seen her in any movies but I've heard she's a good sraects . Looking at the picture, I can't imagine her as Katniss but as long as she can act, I don't mind so much.I hope they choose a good actor for Peeta too.Misha Mathewb4s last post ..

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  • shaw

    IT'S 'REALLY' NOT 'RELAY'! omg learn to spell!

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  • aunnie98

    Hunger Games the book and the movie were both really good.

  • Daina

    I had such a hard time coming up with Hunger Games/Catching Fire songs. Rage Against the Machine is so peecfrt! And Smashing Pumpkins! Actually, I'm loving all your picks Will be listening to these when I have Mockingbird in my hands.Sigh, sorry to hear about being team Gale. Team Peeta is where it's at

  • Mikia

    I haven't seen her in any movies but I've heard she's a good aetrcss . Looking at the picture, I can't imagine her as Katniss but as long as she can act, I don't mind so much.I hope they choose a good actor for Peeta too.Misha Mathewb4s last post ..

  • Ganeswar

    RamayaGreat to know we think on the same page about the ending. I also liked it bcaeuse they were happy, but it was a complete gut-wrench getting there that scarred them for life, which is how most happy endings realistically happen.

  • rede2ply

    The Hunger games is epic can't wait 4 catching fire and mockingjay

  • Anoop

    I know! Sorry I had to edit your last comment. Some pploee on my website haven't gotten through the first book yet. I went to the girls' basketball game earlier against Sand Creek. In the A team you guys creamed us, then in the middle of the B team, I had to leave, but there was about four minutes on the clock, and we were up by two. Is Sand Creak doing the Pinheads fundraiser on Friday? Did anybody from our class last year make Student Council this year? I don't know why I have to say so much all of a sudden. Oh well! Do you have an I anything? Like an ipad or iphone?

  • Aboali

    They are relaly good! I relaly don't know why Haymitch gets drunk all the time. The books don't relaly mention it at all. Although it was pretty funny when Haymitch fell into his own vomit! I totally agree with you on Peeta and Katniss's outfits, by the way! It'd be awesome if people could make outfits like that now. I would totally buy them.

  • Karima

    I am already plnaning my outfit and getting my nails done in Capitol Colors! They now have a new line out with certain colors! I am very excited I have all of the movie companion, tribute guide, two magazines with Hunger Games, and biography books on each star. I really can't wait! This has been in anticipation for half of a year!

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  • Heidy

    The Hunger Games may be a book tten qt the fifth or sixth grade reading level biartrarily, but at the same time, I have strong doubts that there even IS souch a thing as a fifth or sixth grade reading level today. I work with a lot of young teens and Tweens sometimes when a show I am in has a large ensemble of children, such as Jsus Christ Superatar, and I get to observe what the kids are into these days. At that age, it is RARELY reading. Kids just aren't reading as much. Harry Potter gave us a generation that would read but would often onl read that one thing. Kids today don't have ONE BIG BOOK the way our era did.

  • Tamia Hamilton
    Tamia Hamilton


  • samantha priestley
    samantha priestley

    I REALLYwant to see when cinna sets Katniss and Peeta on fire!!! It's a secret who i'm voting for though(TEAM PEETA), and the training proceess. CAN"T wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alicia Lugo
    Alicia Lugo

    I can,t wait to see the hunger games , i feel like i'm gonna die if i don't see it( sarcasticly, but true), but what i really want to see THE WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK!!!!!!!! Thet should make a movie on all the books! but other than the entire book i really want to see when Cinna lights Katniss and Peeta . " TEAM PEETA"!!! AMAZING!!

  • Emma Nisonson
    Emma Nisonson

    I can't wait for the hunger games, I'm not gonna say who I'm rooting for (TEAM PEETA!!!!!), but I will tell you that the scene I want to see most is... when they all take off in the train... so suspensfull!!!!!!

  • Emma Nisonson
    Emma Nisonson

    I can't wait for the hunger games but the part I want to see most is... THE WHOLE DANG BOOK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Jenkins
    Sarah Jenkins

    Ready to win the contest, so I can see the scenes in the training room when Katniss suprises the judges. Also really want to see the scenes up in the trees, and the death scene with the flowers.

  • htmarshall

    Less than a month away!!!! When will we find out who won the contest?

  • qtjudy

    all of the scenes mentioned above are ones i'm looking forward to seeing... but I also want to see the scene where Peeta takes a beating from his mom to give bread to Katniss, and the next day when after school she wants to thank him but looks away, spotting the dandelion. it seems to portray both characters beginnings, where Peeta demonstrates his affection for her, and she finds hope in her (and Prim's) survival by realizing she can draw on the knowledge taught by her father in hunting and gathering :D

  • OliviaPap

    The scene that I am most excited (apart from the training, first look of the arena) is the part after the cave scene. When Peeta and Katniss trust each other and want to get the hell out of the arena. Only to find that the feast is happening the next day. I am SO looking forward to the moment when Katniss feeds Peeta the sleeping syrup, and at the second when he realizes she has drugged him. I also hope they add in the line "who cant lie now Peeta?" I JUST CANT WAIT MUCH LONGER!!!!!

  • MarissaAshleigh

    The part i'm most excited for is the scene where rue dies. and most people would obviously think thats probably not the most astounding scene to choose but i think theres more behind it than what meets the eye. when rue died i think it really lit a fire under katniss that no one was expecting. i think that was the moment katniss truly realized that the captial wouldn't win this, but she was determined to win the hunger games. Katniss wanted to win but not for the treasures and fame that came with it, but for rue and anyone else that felt like they were under the control of the capital. obviously rue touched everyones heart that read the book, but when she died she gave katniss something more memorable than her life itself. rue gave her direction and assurance, something katniss hadn't completely had up to this scene. the one thing katniss was sure of was that she planned on winning the hunger games, but also on her own terms. and i think this was a very memorable moment in the book.

  • zhara13

    The scene that I am most excited for is the scene in the cave when Katniss is preparing to leave Peeta so that she can get the medicine he needs. And i know that a lot of people are going to choose that scene, but i don't want to choose another one just because of that reason. It meant something to me because when she is about to leave, she realizes that she could very well die, but she is still willing to die for Peeta. Even though she wasn't sure how she felt about him, she realized that she did love him in a way. it was a love much stronger than the romance that they were playing out- it was love for a friend. so deep that she was risking her life for him. i can't wait to see Jennifer Lawrence portrayal of Katniss as she prepares to leave Peeta, with the possibly of never returning. i think that it will move everyone, for that scene portrays the real love story in the book.

  • Karen Laurrie Swift
    Karen Laurrie Swift

    I'm looking Forward to see how they Train... and how they fell inlove. :) ooooh!

  • Berglind

    Saying team whomever accentuates the love story part of the books, which in the books is quite in the background. This is a story first and foremost of a heroine who is so strong she beats all the competition and does not give up on herself. It is a good and much appreciated message to young women, and that is what I prefer to focus on thank you very much.

  • helen

    is the contest over?

  • gfgsoccer7

    my best friend Isabella Edgarian and I, Grace Gargiulo, (you can look us up on facebook), want to win this sweepstakes so bad!! Hunger Games is our life and we would kill for this oppurtunity! We could probably recite every line in the book by heart and the scene we would want to see is probably the scene where Rue dies. She's definentaly on our list of our favorite characters in the Hunger Games and we just think that in the movie, how they will play it out will be as great as i imagine...even better i bet!! so please consider and thanks! <3 may the odds be ever in your favor

  • Abby Morris
    Abby Morris

    OH! And when Haymitch headbombs off the stage. :D

  • Abby Morris
    Abby Morris

    I'm just dying to see the part where Cinna lights Peeta and Katniss on fire. It was quite commical in the book, so i'm really looking forward to see how the movie pulls it off. I'm sure it will be awesome!

  • Tiziana Gabriella Santolo
    Tiziana Gabriella Santolo

    well, there are alot of parts i look forward too to see but my top would have to be the cornucopia scene with katniss peeta and cato! i really want to see how gary ross directed this movie and how realistic the mutts will seem! i also really want to see the tracker jacker scene that will be intense with all the swaying of katniss and how peeta saves her life(spoiler alert) also when rue dies :'( one thing i noticed a while ago is that they did not cast magde, in my opinion i think she is one of the most important character in the book she gives katniss the mockingjay pin witch helps her win and also reminds her that she promised prim she would win and come back, to be honest i am a little upset from that but i will still enjoy the movie!! If i win it will mean the world to me and i could not ask for anything more im really excited to see the books come to life! i have read the books millions of time and i love suzanne collins work and i would just die to win those tickets! the excitement of the cast, the fact that gary ross is directing, soundtrack anything if i were to win it would lift the load off my back of not being able to go to the midnight premire it would just mean the world Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be ever in your favor!!! ~Effie Trinket

  • Kenza Derkaoui
    Kenza Derkaoui

    Everyone is excited for the cave scene! As am I. But the scene I am DYING to see? That’s easy. The scene between Katniss and Peeta on the roof. That part of the book sends you a message, on the Games’ cruelty, the Capitol’s ignorance and Peeta’s personality, I just hope that the movie will reflect it as well. This scene was the beginning of an understanding of Peeta and his mission. «I keep wishing I could think of a way to... to show the Capitol they don’t own me. That I’m more than just a piece in their Games.» -Peeta Mellark I have read the Hunger Games books a dozen times, I am without a doubt the most excited Hunger Games Fan! The soundtrack, the trailer and the cast only add to my excitement! Winning the tickets would make me the happiest girl in the world! AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN MY FAVOR!!

  • msdougie

    can't wait to see Katniss in massive state of dehydration wondering why Haymitch has foresaken her only to discover she is lying in a puddle of mud ... sip by patient sip with iodine ... a quick doze, then the wall of fire!

  • Jasmine

    WELL aside from the obvious cave scene, the training center, and Rue's death, I think I'm most looking forward to when Katniss and Peeta are on the cornucopia and the mutts come and Katniss is trying to protect Peeta as well as fight off Cato. And then when they pretend to swallow the berries. So, basically the end of the official 74th hunger games :)

  • brokenmuffins

    Well, I am VERY excited to see the cave scene, but I'm really looking forward to the scene where Katniss is in the tree, and asks Cata to join her. (And when Peeta stays awake all of that night)

  • samantha may
    samantha may

    it has nothing to do with twilight. im pretty sure twilight didnt come up with team____ whoever. it shows support to which guy you want katniss to end up with. TEAM PEETA TEAM PEETA TEAM PEETA t e a m PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jamie

    Please no teams!!! No twilight thing

  • samantha may
    samantha may

    agree. BORING. also agree TEAM PEETA

  • matt

    we want BOOK CLUB

  • lola

    100 days of hunger games has been slacking. there has been nothing new really and if there is its BORING! i love the hunger games so step it up! TEAM PEETA<3