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Jessica Szohr was born March 31, 1985, in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. She is best known for her role as Vanessa on the hit CW show Gossip Girl. Jessica started her career as a model at the age of 6 and moved to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue it full-time. After achieving success as a model, she appeared in a number of different television shows, such as That’s So Raven and What I Like About You. In 2010, she appeared in the horror film Piranha 3D. She has been in relationship with Gossip Girl costar Ed Westwick on and off since 2008.

Jessica Stroup

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  • M

    My sentiments exactly- get your facts straight, Celebuzz. Your mistake has shrugged off Jessica Stroup's importance and existance and is extremely disrespectful to her and her fans. Not only that, I have started to feel doubtful towards this site because your stories have proven time and time again to be unreliable! On 'Jessica Stroup Spotted On Set with '90210' Guys' you wrote that "but it’s her scenes with Matt that look to be a bit more intimate as the two embrace and kiss on the beach." WHEN ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN IN THE SHOW?! You caused me to panic frantically, thinking that I missed out on something significant in their non-existant romance, being a huge fan of the series myself. Then, upon further investigation, I realized that it was two other actors. Trust a major gossip site to screw up such a visual thing. Moreover, you wrote "Trevor Donovan, Jessica Stroup, Matt Lanter and Dustin Milligan film scenes on the beach this afternoon for their hit show '90210' in Los Angeles, California on August 17, 2011". HOLY GUACAMOLE! You set me into ecstasy thinking that Dustin Milligan was coming back into the series after leaving in Season 1 but when I explored the pictures. NOTHING. I know you've got many celebrities to handle but if you want to keep your readers and maintain this site. Please get your sources and information right.

  • ann

    wth, her bio actually says she's Jessica Szohr -.-

  • apples

    Get your facts straight celebuzz! she didnt play vanessa in gossip girl! duhhh! it was jessica szhor whatever the spelling is. UNbelievable!