John Cusack


He's responsible for one of the late 1980’s most iconic movie images and making every girl love an aspiring kickboxer named Lloyd Dobler. When a woman of a certain age thinks of John Cusack, a trench coat, boombox and ‘In Your Eyes’ still come to mind - but there’s so much more to this talented actor. Born in the Chicago suburb of Evanston on June 28, 1966, John joined a talented family; father Dick and siblings Ann, Joan and Bill have all been actors. John spent a year at New York University and graduated to small roles in Class with Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy and the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles. John teamed up with eccentric director ‘Savage’ Steve Holland for the cult favorite Better Off Dead and the lass popular One Crazy Summer, co-starring Demi Moore. John’s last ‘teen movie,' 1989’s Say Anything… is regarded as the role that put him on the radar, and on a lot of teenage girls’ walls. John moved on to more adult roles in True Colors and The Grifters and made another splash as a hit man in Grosse Pointe Blank. From big-budget extravaganzas like Con Air to light romantic fare like Serendipity, John can take on anything.

John Cusack

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