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    Simon I think it's really sweet the way you defdneed Alex in the comments above so i'll try to be respectful here. Bravo does not post any comments that are anything besides gushing over Bethenny or Alex. I'm just sick of Alex defending Ramona and to a lesser extent Sonja's horrid behavior. As for Bethenny, Alex may be the best friend' bethenny has but to have a friend you have to be a friend and bethenny was not on the housewives to make friends. it appeared to discerning viewers that her experience on housewives was the culmination of everything she had been working for since her private boarding school/hollywood acting days: fame and fortune. I'm sincerely happy for her and her recent success. As a viewer it' still very unclear why your wife holds such a grudge against Jill. All of the ladies, especially Ramona and Bethenny (rewatch the first season finale) said horrible things about your children. I assume, based on conjecture from the new york post that Jill tried to get Alex off the show? is that true? that's the only thing, unfortunately I can imagine would piss Alex off to the extent Jill clearly has. That's very telling.I like Alex. I really do. She is one of the most educated women on any franchise and that's refreshing. I wish she didn't sound so pretentious when talking about how worldly she is (ok, you win! you know Morocco and Luanne doesn't ok?) etc but that's a far less evil that anything that Ramona does.I wish you a lot of luck in your new career. I'm sure you'll be successful in whatever you decide to do. Please don't become a professional reality show star though. Frankly, you and your family seem destined for better than that.