Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson was born April 24, 1982, in Burleson, Texas. She is a singer and in 2002 was the first winner of American Idol. Before she auditioned for the show, she performed in a number of high school musicals. After winning Idol, she released the album Thankful, which featured singles such as “Miss Independent.” She followed that up with “Breakaway,” “My December” and “All I Ever Wanted.” She has sold more albums than any other American Idol winner with nearly 23 million albums sold worldwide. There has been controversy surrounding Kelly’s weight as it has fluctuated from time to time, but Kelly has stated that she is proud of her body.

Kelly Clarkson

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  • Lazo

    I don't think half the commenters above read the post's title. It's the awtrork for her upcoming single. Not the album. But if it were the album shut the eff up. She's fantastic and can sing the hell out of a song unlike just about any of the greats, right up there with Whitney, Celine and Mariah. (I'm sure someone will now comment on how Whitney and Mariah don't have the same pipes anymore ::sigh::). Gay men are the worst.