Mary Lynn Rajskub


Born in Detroit, Michigan, actress Mary Lynn Rajskub is known around the world to 24 fanatics as CTU tech analyst 'Chloe O'Brian'. Read on for some more fun facts about the star: • Other than 24, she has appeared in shows such as Mr. Show, Veronica's Closet, Gilmore Girls, Sketch Show and NewsRadio. • She plays the guitar and was part of a duo called Girls Guitar Club with Karen Kilgariff. • She volunteers with the Young Storytellers Program. • She is an avid painter. • She worked at Hard Rock Cafe as a waitress and at the Beverly Center movie theater as a ticket taker. • She is currently doing a one-woman show called "Complications of Purchasing a Poodle Pillow". • She was once mistaken for a prostitute after filming a scene for Veronica's Closet. • She auditioned for the part of 'Pam' in The Office, which was later given to Jenna Fischer.

Mary Lynn Rajskub

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