Michael Cera


Canadian-born actor Michael Cera has crammed a lot of work into his short career, but has already become one of young Hollywood's favorite funny men. For such a young actor (born on June 7, 1988 in Brampton, Ontario), his resume boasts many guest appearances on television series, small film roles and even voice overs for animated kids' series. Michael got his big break in 2003 on the FOX sitcom Arrested Development, where he played Jason Bateman's son. The show reached cult status, but was canceled after only 53 episodes. With his shy demeanor and great sense of comic timing, he was a natural to play awkward high school student - and reluctant object of Ellen Page's affections - 'Paulie Bleeker' in the Academy-Award winning comedy Juno in 2007. He followed his success in that film with the more raucous comedy Superbad, wherein he and his best friend, played by Jonah Hill, get one last shot at high school romance before heading off to college. In addition to his film work, Michael has made a number of short films which have become Internet sensations. He has also starred on the online comedy series Clark and Michael. Whether or not a big screen Arrested Development reunion comes to fruition, Michael is sure to continue to be a busy actor.

Michael Cera

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