Mischa Barton

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  • Judy

    she is the ugliest and most anoiynng o the girls next door. i can't stand her! GRRR!!!doesn't she know grabbing her ankles and screaming the name of the Lord doesn't mean you've found him? lol

  • Pravin

    I suppose it ddeenps who takes the pictures and how much control you have over existing copies. If you trust your partner (or friend, if you just want such a picture of yourself), then why not? But having them on a phone does seem a bit risky. As for them never being erased If YOU are the only one with a copy, then it's more than easy to do that

  • Steven Spence
    Steven Spence

    mischa is a nice person if i had the chance maybe one day i could meet her in person and just talk to her about how she got in to tv it would be nice to meet mischa one day

  • mClaire

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  • Clairebakkey

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