Naomi Watts


She's played everything from a reporter attempting to figure out the mystery of a nefarious videotape to the girlfriend of an overgrown monkey, and Naomi Watts continues to excel in every role she plays. Naomi was born on September 28, 1968 in Shoreham, Kent, England. Her family moved around throughout England and Wales during her childhood, and landed in Sydney, Australia when she was 14. She attended a number of acting schools and befriended actress Nicole Kidman. When she was 16, she gave modeling a try in Japan, but at 5'5", she wasn't able to get much work, so she moved back to Sydney and eventually landed small roles on Australian TV. Her introduction to American audiences was in the 1995 film Tank Girl, which received little attention from US audiences. She continued to work in forgettable films and starred on the short-lived NBC series Sleepwalkers in 1997, bit it wasn't until eccentric director David Lynch cast her in his 2001 film Mulholland Drive that Naomi's career finally picked up steam. Her dual role as innocent aspiring actress 'Betty' and world-weary, failed actress 'Diane' earned her a number of awards, including the National Society of Film Critics Award as Best Actress and the National Board of Review award as Breakthrough Performance of the year. In 2002, Naomi scored her first blockbuster hit with The Ring, an American remake of a Japanese horror film. The following year she worked on Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger, whom she dated until 2004 and also earned an Academy Award nomination for her role as a recovering drug addict in the bleak drama 21 Grams. Naomi's big screen career has been full of a wide array of roles, from a department store spokesmodel in the comedy I Heart Hucakbees to her role as 'Ann Darrow,' an actress who becomes the object of affection of a giant gorilla in 2005's epic King Kong. Since 2005, Naomi has been dating actor Liev Schreiber, and the two worked together on-screen in 2006's The Painted Veil. Off-screen, the couple gave birth to a son, Alexander, on July 26, 2007. Recently, she starred in Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortenson and the chilling drama Funny Games and is in talks to star in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Naomi continues to be a critical and audience darling and you can guarantee she'll continue to spread her wings.

Naomi Watts

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