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With his affinity for playing eccentric characters and living a life to match, Nicolas Cage is still one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors. Nicolas Kim Coppola was born on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California and is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola. After dropping out of Beverly Hills High School at 17, he landed his first big screen role as one of Judge Reinhold's friends in 1982s Fast Times at Ridgemont High, although most of his performance was left on the cutting room floor. To avoid accusations of nepotism because of his famous uncle, Nicolas Coppola became Nicolas Cage and in 1983, his starring role as a Hollywood punk in the comedy Valley Girl - paired with a supporting role in his uncle's drama Rumble Fish - put him on the fast track to stardom. The next year, he teamed up with Fast Times' Sean Penn for the post-WWII drama Racing with the Moon, worked for the second time with Uncle Francis in The Cotton Club and  received critical acclaim for his role in Birdy. Despite his odd accent, his 1986 flick Peggy Sue Got Married with Kathleen Turner proved to be a hit and he followed that role up with one of his most memorable, ex-con and wannabe father 'H.I. McDunnugh' in the Coen Brothers' cult classic comedy Raising Arizona. The next year, Nicolas romanced Cher in the Academy Award-winning Moonstruck. The 90s were busy for the actor; in the 21 films he made during the decade, Nicolas played a wide array of roles - from Elvis-loving 'Sailor Ripley' in David Lynch's Wild at Heart to the comedy Honeymoon in Vegas with Sarah Jessica Parker and the action flicks The Rock with Sean Connery, Face/Off with John Travolta and Con Air with John Cusack. The hits continued in the next decade with Gone in Sixty Seconds, Adaptation and National Treasure. A self-confessed Elvis Presley fan, many thought Nicolas scored a touchdown when he married the King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley in August of 2002. They separated four months later and the divorce was finalized in May of 2004. Nicolas was more successful with wife number three, former waitress Alice Kim, whom he married in July of 2004. The couple have a son, Kal-El, born on October 3, 2005. Nicolas has continued to make films, some successful, like 2007's Ghost Rider and the sequel to National Treasure, Book of Secrets and some not-so-successful, such as the 2006 remake of the thriller The Wicker Man. One thing's for sure, Nicolas Cage will continue to keep audiences entertained and intrigued.

Nicolas Cage

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