Rose McGowan


Rose McGowan was born September 5, 1973, in Florence, Italy. She is an actress best known for starring in the TV show Charmed, about three sisters who are witches. Rose spent her first nine years of life in the Italian chapter of the Children of God cult. Once her family cut ties with the cult, they moved to Eugene, Oregon. Later, Rose’s parents divorced, and she moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, to live with her grandmother. At 14, she was falsely accused of having a drug problem by a family friend, and was committed to rehab. Upon her release, she “divorced” her family and started pursuing acting. Her first role was in the 1992 film Encino Man, but it was her performance in 1995’s The Doom Generation that got her noticed. Since then, she has appeared in many films, including Scream, Jawbreaker, Grindhouse, The Black Dahlia and Machete. In the 1990s, Rose gained notoriety for being in a relationship with alternative-rock musician Marilyn Manson.

Rose McGowan

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