Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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  • Aida

    her nails are really amziang, i wish i could get them done like hers, i feel in love with them when i saw them in her video, amziang work (:

  • Lena

    Remember that shoe stores uullasy have good carpet as well, even cheap stores, so it's different trying the shoes on in there and then trying to walk on unforgiving concrete/asphalt/tarmac. The majority of people who wear these shoes will suffer for it later, and since I'm very people make fun of me all the time or put me down for it e.g. if I look nice one day or rarely happen to say something nice about myself (ultra rare) they'll say but you're short', if you stood on a box it'd be better' etc, apparently ever other person in the world is better look than me because they have longer legs. Thankfully I'm past caring that much though and so don't carry the burden of feeling I need to wear high heels whether they're comfortable chunky or not, I'll damned well wear trainers to work and don't care, I'm not impairing my skeleton and getting chronic muscle ache for the sake of a few inches. As far as I'm concerned people who are ugly on the inside aren't worth comparing myself to, they do it all the time and I can't stop them but I try not to let them get to me. It's just a shame when they're ugly on the inside and gorgeous on the outside lol that really takes the biscuit, though I haven't come across many highly attractive people who are mean. They tend to be the more self-conscious ones I find.

  • Milan Morton
    Milan Morton

    Happy B'day...