Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez was born July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas. The actress and singer-songwriter is best known for her role on the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. She has also starred in the Disney movies Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program. Selena made her feature film debut in 2010’s Ramona and Beezus. In 2008, she signed with Hollywood Records and began singing on the soundtracks of her shows and movies. Her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, has released two studio albums in the last two years. Selena is known for having a close bond with fellow Disney up-and-comer Demi Lovato. The two became friends before signing with Disney and have appeared on one another’s television shows. As Selena approaches her 18th birthday, she has caught the eye of celebrities such as Vinny from Jersey Shore, and she has developed a close friendship with pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez

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  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    i do like selena gomez , you know , i just hope she does well on her own some day just with a man with out ,justin bieber , david

  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    i do,nt care about just want pepole say,s just about me ,i am to old to be a fan to selena gomez , i can still like and love selena gomez ,just like any one else on this earth , david

  • Milan Adjanski
    Milan Adjanski

    beautiful selena love you

  • Laleeann Cook
    Laleeann Cook

    Oh Selena don't go the sex way,you have an adorable face and should be seen as America's sweetheart. Use taste and always respect your reputation. Not every body needs to act/look like a centerfold

  • aldolovato

    I really love you selena ♥ and I'm waiting for your new album :)

  • Joan Antonio Miranda
    Joan Antonio Miranda

    selena gomez

  • Riadh Amdouni Amdouniriadh
    Riadh Amdouni Amdouniriadh

    moi sapelle riadh amdouno muslamn amour trouve

  • Riadh Amdouni Amdouniriadh
    Riadh Amdouni Amdouniriadh

    moi je taime amour maie fort

  • Angel Marie Derus
    Angel Marie Derus

    Wow, she was born a day before me, but I'm a few years older, I was born July 23, 1990. I feel like Selena is beautiful, and I hope she doesn't take up smoking and let Hollywood drag her down. I hope she knows what she deserves, and that she could do better than Justin, and I hope his recent bad habits aren't involving her. Stay beautiful and healthy Selena, God Bless.

  • nicolemckenzie123

    Were Youh Actually Pregnant.

  • maryjennerkardashian

    hiiiii selenaaaaa :)

  • Maurizio Lalla
    Maurizio Lalla


  • vox9

    She looks retarded.

  • karol

    eu te amo selena, vem para o brasil, conserteza eu vou estar no seu show, com amor sua fã, ah e eu quase ia me esquecendo fica com o harry do one direction ele é um gatinho, vcs combinam, beijos para a minha cantora preferida, te amo quanto amo deus

  • danielle sucks
    danielle sucks

    ur ugly. selena's gorgeous

  • tampa

    thank u for being single you dont need all that drama you r a good girl

  • andrewjobelius

    dear selena gomez my name is andrew jobelius i like your song you are a good song i like song to with you my number 920-393-0407 my number i like harley davidson two harley davidson black and yellow one harley davidson black one harley davidson yellow old piggy and 49ers i like song to i like song with you please call me

  • andrewjobelius

    dear selena gomez my name andrew jobelius wizards of waverly place you play alex russo i like show good show i like wizards of waverly place good show i like big fan i like harley davidson two harley davidson black and yellow one harley davidson black and one harley davidson yellow i have a dog hrename is sara i like you song you are good song i like to song with you fome andrew joblius

  • Anoyonous

    Whats on her neck??

  • orvgirl

    i truly love an adore selena.she has done a lot of sweet thing for people.

  • zaya

    selena isn't stupid she is beautiful.

  • jhfgudf

    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the neersat frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days nw uv startd readn this dnt stp this is so scary snd ths ovr 2 5 vids in 143 mins when ur done press f6 nd ur crush’s name wll appear on the screen n big letters ths is so scary cuz it actully wrks ths really wrks

  • I LOVE YOU SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • jevaughnie graham
    jevaughnie graham

    this couple sucks selena needs a new man justin needs a new woman... waht is this the next chris and riri hell no those two play it well love them

  • Ridwan Olatunji Azeez
  • trixie

    why....r u against christ?

  • andrea1237

    I luv your music selena!!! :)

  • ceta

    you guys are kinda exaggerating on how beautiful she is because shes pretty

  • ann-marrie

    some people will have to consult shrinks if there is no selena post to hate on. Frankly, pls, thank the one who invented the Web cos by now u would have been in your hell holes, thinking about your miserable lives, She is Better and will always be better than you guys, if she is able to stay normal in the chaos of hollywood, then u should know that what YOU say wont stop her.

  • americanbratcherfan13

    selena, babe you are gorgeous! i love you , you are one of my role models..next to taylor swift, ariana grande, cher lloyd, you(selena gomez), jade thirlwall, perrie edwards, and you are also one of many of my girl crushes like beyonce, cher lloyd, you, ariana grande, bridgit mendler, and perrie edwards

  • nana

    selena,why you dont make new video....i love your song




    you are so right i'm like the BIGGEST FAN OF HER!!!

  • njoh junior
    njoh junior

    u very beautiful that is true. u decide who to love n not

  • carlos

    why does all of the big name multi-BILLIONAIRE celebs wont give much back to the fans that brought them up but the other musical performers will give almost all back and they only have less than millions. i am the only person i know that doesnt like bieber for a legitamite reason...and all the other reasons i think is true too...dont comment on this because i wont read them. just think why wont they give back to us?

  • ??????????????

    and i hate you !!!! now tell me how that feels !!!! p.s. get a life !!!! VANESSA !!!!

  • samantha

    I agree.ur just jelous

  • katie


  • lina

    hi selena gomez you really nice and i like your hair and everting is perfect about you

  • trendy style
    trendy style

    beautifull as alwayaz

  • kesutl

    y u hate selena any reason selena shes a very cute.

  • kesutl

    if u hate selena & justin relationship just hate yourself.why people are compere to miley cyrus and selena gomex. miley cyrus she cant compere to selena gomex.gomex she a beautiful i think she the one to make happy anytime to justin.

  • Angela Fortmann
    Angela Fortmann

    danielle you find her ugly maybe you're too ugly

  • margarida

    estás fantástica selena gomez e para já o meu nome completo é margarida gomes lopes trinta

  • etonderrodr

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  • Thinara

    I love Selena Gomez she is the BEST 'n' BEAUTIFUL girl in the whole world..!! :D No.1 ACTRESS..! :*

  • jblover101

    i love u Selena u r my idol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i nis i could meet u somday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jblover101

    i love u selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mickealiadickens

    i love u selena call me 3473579896

  • mickealiadickens

    i love u selena ur the best i love ur songs and u and justin look cute together i love it

  • haley

    me to =)

  • natalia

    hola cuando vendras a mexico con justin?? los kisiera conocer en persona

  • Selena

    Dear Danielle, if you hate Selena so much, why are you looking at her pictures. Stop hate and bullying.

  • Louiisee♥

    Selena Gomez is gorgeous, all the haters are jealous of her and Justin XP :) sorry but it's true

  • list of retired beanie babies
    list of retired beanie babies

    I simply could not depart your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the standard info an individual supply to your guests? Is going to be back frequently to inspect new posts

  • Katty Howard
    Katty Howard

    i think you and justin bieber donot make a good couple

  • KristinaMarie

    Selena Is Amazing! So talented and Beautiful! My Idol, My Inspiration, My life!! <3 Love You Selena Gomez!!

  • kat

    no she shouldn't not to be mean but i like her as a singer!! but she is cute

  • kat

    Selena Gomez you are the best singer EVER!!!!! i love your music and your shows! i once did not Justin Berber now i kinda do. please do like 173,1234,123 more good songs pleas i miss your songs!! once i herd your music i new i liked your music!! love ya

  • manisha.hotlove

    some people dont like selena just caz she is with jb but who cares jb makes her happy an thats all thats matters...i love you slelena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  • laydee bieber
    laydee bieber

    selena is sooo preety n has a golden voice.....she n justin are d perfect match...i love you both soooooo much n you two wil alwayz b ma best celeb ever!!!!!!!

  • true123

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  • emma

    i love u selena!

  • Lily

    DEAR SELENA! You are the most gorgeous girl in the world and I mean it :) You are pretty, got the hottest boyfriend in the world and young and sexy! haha Just joking but your are a it though! I after chatting with u that day and when u didnt reply makes me, SO SAD :( :( Its Ok though! U are the most PRETTIEST GORGEOUS GIRL IN THE WORLD AS A CELEBRITY <3 <3

  • emmacool

    ur no she isn't selena is WAY prettier than miley, miley is ugly,taccy, and stupid i hate miley and love selena. selena forever!

  • emmacool

    she is not ugly or a brat she is beautiful and obviously your a brat and ugly.

  • dennilynn

    i love you selena gomez i print your.i put your pictures in my folder. pictures my room has your pictures i dont care if anyone says that they dont like you i am your number one fan. my bed has your pictures i love you i will allways love you . i will still love you when i am a teen ager i wish some day i can be just like you i think about you every day and dream about you i love you so much we are in commen. i dont want you to get older i love you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lizbeth

    that rocks

  • Gillian Nicole
    Gillian Nicole

    I love you Selena!!!

  • Gillian Nicole
    Gillian Nicole

    I love Selena so much she is my idol, and my insperation she is so beautiful and so dedicated to her fans. I hope I get to meet her someday to tell her the great things shes done for me. Thank you Selena Marie Gomez! <3 Selena Gomez

  • Gillian Nicole
    Gillian Nicole

    Venessa, I love her...I am a Selenator!!! She is my insperatin, my life!!! I <3 her to death LOL!! If you hate her so much why did you go on this page? I don't get haters sometime I mean if you hate her that is your problem, but don't bash her! She has feelings too, and I know everybody says this when they see a status like this..but really I mean it!

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE Selena Gomez so much! Selena my life. Selena is the prettiest person in the whole wide world! Thumbs up if you love her just as i love her so much!

  • rebecca

    you are a role model i look up to you look at all the celebrities that are turning down to the dumps if you know what i mean justin and selena i love you sooo much

  • kelsey

    whatt???????????she's got everything wat r u talking abt.......OMG u r perfect seliiiiiiiii

  • kelsey

    u r totaly wrong Miley is nothing compared 2 selena .love u selena..............

  • kelsey

    u r just so preety i love u selenaaaaaa

  • Praveen Ramesh
    Praveen Ramesh

    hai darling

  • Praveen Ramesh
    Praveen Ramesh

    hai how r u

  • Praveen Ramesh
  • Andra

    Selena , i love you .

  • Israa Raheem
    Israa Raheem

    hi selena 8i love you soo much i wish i could see you one day you are y biggest inspiration and rolemodel, i hope you have a good day sweety i wish you the best and be strong dont listen to haters they are wasting ther time on going in you site and write stupid things love you sell god bless you hoon xoxo :) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • zoey

    i luv u selena ur amazing luv all ur songs and movies

  • zoey


  • zoey

    if u dont like selena then stop searching her then and i would just DEAL WITH IT

  • zoey

    keep ur opinion 2 ur self no one asked u wat u thought of selena selena can sing and act and she should think that she can sing cuz she can

  • emmacool

    why are you annoyed at her for doing her best. your just jealous of everything has and does. you probably just hate coz she's going out with justin bieber. so stop trying to tell eveyone that she's the bad guy. all she's trying to do is live her life thats obviously something you need to achieve.

  • emmacool

    i love selena she is my role model. i think those to are the cutest couple ever! even tho im not really a fan of justin bieber atleast they're both happy :P


    she's the best inside and out a beautiful person and her style is perfection! :)

  • ahahahahahaja


  • Cepeda

    Sabry Loves_JDB_JB_SG_DL_MC_ sivrce:si infatti Niley4ever ha ragione beh, in effetti da una canzone (Rose Garden) e un vero giardino d fiori in regalo c'e differenza ma non preoccuparti g. capita di sbagliare

  • Kaan

    Me quedo con el pmrreio, que me parece super elegante, y tambien con el vestido rojo.Ultimamente me he venido fijando en algunos de sus looks y la verdad es que acierta bastante.

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    tree maintenance bloomington indiana

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  • meplusme

    maybe you could get your "rool" models to teach you how to spell. What are you? In kindergarted?

  • angeleena

    your sooooo right they make the cutest couple in the world. jb is soooo cute and sel is sooooooo pretty they sooo match.:) love u guys. :):):);):):):):):):):):)

  • natalya wemyss
    natalya wemyss


  • natalya wemyss
    natalya wemyss

    FUNNNNY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!! DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalya wemyss
    natalya wemyss

    miley cyrus is good but SELENA GOMEZ is BETTER!!!!!

  • natalya wemyss
    natalya wemyss

    well it's non of your buisnass

  • arshpreet


  • egypt

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii whats sup im waching your show right now sooooooo ttyl give me your phone number bye :-).

  • Chelseaa Plenty
    Chelseaa Plenty

    SELENA IS AN AMAZING PERSON! she is beautiful inside and out.. she sings beautifuly! acts amazingly! P E R F E C T I O N muchlove,chelslovesyou<3

  • Nuciko Lamparadze
    Nuciko Lamparadze

    magari vigacaaa miyvas es momgerali raaa

  • parker

    i am so so happy to see those amazing comments about selena, i'm glad i'm not the only fan who always supporting her, there are so many fans are back up for her, so selena. G, jsut go for everything you think worth to do , we're all love you like a love song!! p.s. i don't want to say this but i was a hater to you and justin (not crazy hater just ignore both of you and justin's video), but i curious you both after your dating relationship, and you guys convince me by your talent and gracious, you both are beautiful from inside out.

  • meee

    selena i love you and your ex show but justun bieber reaally you can do way better no oofisive but if your happy then go had

  • Mariam Khizanishvili
    Mariam Khizanishvili

    hii selena I am mariam khizanishvili your fan I love you very much plase come to georgia (tbilisi) :**

  • chelslovesyou

    Selena IS amazing! so beautiful, so talented with acting, singing:) I LOVE HER! she has such a beautiful personality, gotta love selena! :D :D :D

  • christine

    i love u selena i look up to u all the time i love u i am gonna be at your next concert even thow i like justin i love u a lot more! i also love your music so much if i had to pick a person that i look up to or like i would say selena! i always talk about u at school or any where i am! i am 1 of your #1 FANS! love, christine

  • chelslovesyou

    these celebrities have got a page for a reason, likes,fans+followers not for random haters out the world to be loosers:/+put other people down..well yeah i know im sticking up for selena cuz i LOVE her:)! but i would do the same for any celeb because they dont deserve to be critised when their doing great for themselves!

  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    selena is a fuckin dick

  • belieber

    u always hurt the heart to all a fans of justin bieber u shit fuck u i hope u die

  • chelslovesyou

    stop talking ellie, your a social reject.

  • Nahan

    Ur right michelle people just get jealous thst way.................

  • chelslovesyou

    urm sam i'd like to see you make ur own albums, be an actress< and be good at it! But by the sounds of things the only think your good at is being a bitch:) i know you probely think your cool by people liking your pathectic little comment.. but tbf i dont know why you guys liked it.. its really childish.... your ovbs only made that comment for attention.

  • tionne

    ikr she is awesome and prettier then other girls and justin bieber and selena gomez r the best couple and they both r my rool modle o yea so all of u haters out there leave them 2 lovebirds alone and plz txt me back

  • tionne

    I love selena gomez and she has a better voice than miley cyrus selena gomez is my 1st fav singer in the world she is my roll modle o yea

  • tionne

    selena gomez is awesome and shes a good singer and I act lik her on wizards of wizardly place and I want her 2 be my bff and her bf justin bieber is smockin hot i have alot of posters of him in my room o yeah and selena gomez

  • tionne

    selena gomez is awesome and I love her song my dilemma and i dont miss u at all and middle of nowhere

  • chelslovesyou

    Selena, your such a great girl..don't listen to the people who feel they should have ago at you, purely because there jelious of your looks, or either because your going out with Justin Bieber :S + yeah, I DO like Justin Bieber but doesn't mean I'm suddenly gonna hate you, there's nothing to hate, your an amazing singer, amazing person, great actress:) Who could ask for more? :) chelslovesyou <3

  • chelslovesyou

    yeh i agree with you jenni, some people really need to grow up..shes just a regular girl..you dont know her, so dont judge someone you've never even met.

  • attiyah

    heyyyyy SELENA GOMEZ i LOVEEEE uuu sooooooo much and u have to see my room it is full of your picss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :x

  • emma

    i LUV u selena ur my fave singer fave actress and fave person!!

  • emma

    yeah i agree even though i don't know either of i'm believing jenni about ur love for justin bieber and just be happy for them they make a really great couple

  • Lucka

    Unaprllaeled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  • valvalval

    ur awsome at everything u do u sing with pasion do let anyone put u down

  • smantha jane kratzer
    smantha jane kratzer

    she is my role model.she is pretty. i don't care if people say she is ugly.

  • smantha jane kratzer
    smantha jane kratzer

    i love selena gomez . she is preettyand taltend. i don't care if people say she ugly . she is not ugly she is pretty.

  • jenni

    dannyboooo is a stranger she treats ppl like s#$@

  • jenni

    Vanessa first of all this is a website of her fans not haters and if you dont like selena gomez dont be telling ppl from this website and u shouldnt be on this website and nither you dnnyboooo u just hate her cuz u wish u were pretty as selena gomez and selena i love you forever and allways.

  • jenni

    selena gomez is pretier than any girl she is my role model and u might just be jelous cuz she is going out with justin bieber and ur his fan and u just love that boy alot and u loved selena gomez but when u found out that she was going out with him u started to hate her just leave them alone they make the cuttest couple evver

  • vasiliki

    i love very very musch selena gomez

  • heather fowller
    heather fowller

    you are the greatest singer. I love your music you sing. It would be cool if you came to Petterborough On. to sing your songs to the people that is your fins for free and I would like to be in the first to meet you?

  • nona

    I love u selena...ur the best...way better than other female singers....you're simply awesome...<3

  • anna X
    anna X

    aaah Selena your so gorgeous! you and justin are just perfect.<3

  • Angelica Lauren Arenas
    Angelica Lauren Arenas

    I really Loved selena ! But I wonder why people hate her she is beautiful,kind and helpful !! I believed that selena trying to stopp to be misperfect.. !! I love you selena .!

  • Angelica Lauren Arenas
    Angelica Lauren Arenas

    I really loved Selena Gomez! But I wonder why people hate her .. ! did she have made ​​mistakes in you? dahh! she is beautiful, she sing great, she is great, rich, generous, helpful and an actress .. ! All the desires of other people are all upon her ..! People dream of that. ! and I wish Selly have no haters!

  • Angelica Lauren Arenas
    Angelica Lauren Arenas

    I really loved Selena Gomez but I'm wondering why people do not want her .. God made her perfect .. she is beautiful, rich, lucky, actress, kind,& helpful. ! .people dream to be actress or actor but she was lucky because she was actress and she is also famous .. I love selena Gomez .. : D She is my idol: D

  • kg112908

    Hey, to all the Haters, As a mommie to a 6 yr. little girl, who absolutely admires Selena, At least this girl can stay true to herself. I feel she has handled growing up and out of her Disney start very well. It can't be easy to have a start or a larger break on such a child oriented channel. She is very mature in front of the crowd. Tabloids that state she is misbehaving need to knock it off. Not everyone is perfect, she is human, so if she stumbles a bit so what. At leasts she's not plastered on stage, or swearing in her songs. Miley was great too, she just didn't handle it as well, and the fact that her father was a previous star, didn't help the extra attention. So to Miss Gomez, you're doing great. I'm glad we have celebrities like you and Justin setting a good example, and handling the pressure very very well. To the kids on here, be yourselves, you are the only major factor in your lives, you make the choice, you live with the consequence. OUR world needs improvement, so who cares if you were the poor kid, the smelly kid, the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader, the druggy, the slowlearner, the bully, none of that matters in the real world. You chose your path, its no ones fault but your own.

  • Bertha

    Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal catlriy, and undeniable importance!

  • kylie

    she is WAY to perfect!!!

  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    justin really don't want u selena, when he's with u he's thinkin about miley dahhhhhh im i the only 1 who has notice. gosh somepeepleo need to notice things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    THAT'S what im talking about

  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    now what u better do is not follow yur HEART

  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    stupid peepleo, who u callin stupid i'll come 2 yur house and pop a cap in yur ass

  • dnnyboooo

    i hate her 2, and BIG JADA HEAD don't be asking peepleo why u big head

  • jalen rucker
    jalen rucker

    i love you

  • jalen rucker
    jalen rucker

    i love you like a girlfrenid

  • danielle

    girl or boy wat type of name is that?????

  • danielle

    ummmmmmmmm........let gues in baylie world she might rock but in america i dont think so ummmmmmmmmmm, so ckeck yourself before reck

  • danielle

    fool wright english people dont understand that BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danielle


  • danielle

    hoo told u that lie she's a brat and she's ugle

  • danielle

    u r so true about every thing u said!!! tex me back

  • danielle

    selena why r u dating miley's man he is 2 freakin hot 4 a slut like u back off her man!!!!!!!!!

  • mikayla

    Justin bieber and selena OMG they make a great love couple until i heard Selena does not love him no more and Justin said the same=NOT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!

  • Yaritza M. Rivera
    Yaritza M. Rivera


  • celebluver101

    If you hate selena dont go on her page then!

  • celebluver101

    Selena has had to put up with Haters but all this time she has stayed stong and tried her best to ignore them. Selena is my role model and i look up to her!

  • celebluver101

    Selena is my role model, I look up to her <3

  • brendacool

    HELLO i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on (brendamoyo8@yahoo.in) i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • vijendra yadav
    vijendra yadav


  • Casper

    Hello, excellent blog. I like your theme. I recently got finished with cosmetic classes and would like to start up my personal site. I appreciate you for the truly great article!

  • Diksha Rawal
    Diksha Rawal

    heya selena! luv u alot... hope i cud meet uh in future.....

  • Kelly

    u can fuck urself, im not the biggest selena gomez fan honestly but im not gonna post shit about her online. would u like it if i said all those things about u? its actually pretty simple. if u dont like the sound of her voice..... STOP FUCKING PLAYING HER MUSIC jackass.

  • aaliyah


  • aaliyah


  • lexiboo14

    K, I'm going to set this straight for ONE If you don't like her why in the hell are you posting this becausethis is for FANS sweetheart. And obviously this isn't for you to be posting on here since your not a FAN of her's and the reason why you say she sucks a singing is because 100% of the time your saying she can't sing, you can't sing your self and for your information she is an amazing actress and singer because I sure in the hell don't see you getting annaminated for a Grammy or Teen Choice Awards do I?. Exactly I DONT THINK SO! So thanks for hating and I hope you get a life and move on Sweetheart. K, Thanks bye

  • lexiboo14

    K, Sweetheart I'm going to put it this way. You may not like Selena Gomez and I don't know what you friend has "experienced" with her, but until I ever meet her and if she disrespects me then we will see from there. But other then that i dont want you posting on here that you hate her because, for 1 this is for her FANS, not HATERZ! K, Thanks!

  • Horsemad11

    Their is no need to be a cow to her she can sing she can act why the hell ae u being mean about her mum that is just mean .

  • SelenaFan

    Look, "RihannaFan", it is obvious that you like Rihanna, and that is your opinion. Since you hate Selena Gomez, it probably means that you cant sing since you are saying that she cant sing. So mind your own business. Or atleast hear your self sing.

  • Kaka Rikardo
  • fucksackes

    Ok, to all you haters now. eff off k , selena hasnt done anything to you , and if you say shes a crap actress, that means you've watched some of her programs, why ? if you hate her you dont even look at her same with her singing , why listen to them ? your just pathetic and jelous of her, if she couldnt sing , she wouldnt be in the charts or on music channels, and if she couldnt act they wouldnt of chosen her to be on Wizards Of Waverly Place. so get a life , and if you dont like her , why did you bother type her name in the search box and waste your time writing a load of buull crap on her page? LOSESR.

  • Slena'

    if you dont like selena , then dont watch her act or listen to her singing, if she couldnt sing she wouldnt be on music channels , and if she couldnt act she wouldnt be picked to go on Wizards Of Wavery Place... so stfu you lot that hates her, because i bet your just jelous of her. and if you dont like her, why did you search her name in the box and even bother to waste your time writing shit down? your just losers. Selena Gomez'<3 she's my Idol <3<3

  • Hillary Racine
    Hillary Racine


  • emily dien
    emily dien

    i love you selena

  • smilerdep

    i like her! but miley cyrus is way better than her! couse she has better voice and she can sing live and selena no! so miley is best!<3

  • Kalea

    Stay infromiatve, San Diego, yeah boy!

  • Victoria Bella
    Victoria Bella

    in her main picture itt look like she got daydrift $:

  • Tereza Boqnowa
    Tereza Boqnowa

    seli you are so sweet i like youu {}{]

  • Umzug Berlin
    Umzug Berlin

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So nice to seek out anyone with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is one thing that is wanted on the internet, somebody with slightly originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  • Sandra

    CELEBUZZ! We need more info and acknowledgment in Selena's latest work in her bio and her relationship status OUT of it from now on, she's known for her work NOT her personal life. -_- We love you SG, The We Own The Night Tour is going extremely well and I wish the best of success to her & the whole team. x

  • Patty Sanchez
    Patty Sanchez

    You really have issues don't you? Who the hell are you to say she has to go back to somewhere when she is obviously focusing on her career, she sings very well for your information, but no, your just blind on how she isn't doing the whole good girl gone bad disney thing so you think you can say you hate her when you have NO reasons too. If you don't like her, don't comment on her stuff. Ignore it, live on and WE will be happy that we don't have to see any of you and other people's ignorant comments against celebrities that don't deserve any hate. Which guys? She dated two freaking guys and that's it! Most girls way younger than her have dated half of their school for god's sake! Your points are useless and mediocre that's it's not even a opinion, it's a STRAIGHT INSULT. She is very talented for being how young she is and deserves everything she has worked for during these years, she doesn't suck, YOU suck for being such an ASSHOLE. Get a life & get your mother or whoever raised you to give you some manners & respect lessons. Selena will be still doing work & is here to stay for a LONG time, DEAL WITH IT.

  • Esperanza

    Justin is too good for her? LMFAO. Justin was always the little puppy who wanted to date Selena when he was just friends with her, Selena has morals, class, spunk, and many years in the business, unlike JB. I am not trying to put the biebs down but you are posting about him on here where it's about SELENA not him, he's just the teen pop sensation of a boyfriend. Don't be sorry for something you simply think, be sorry for posting a comment like that on here.

  • mib

    lexilove you suck momma eggs

  • baylie butler
    baylie butler

    michell u speke the truth she is amasing and selena dont lisen to the haters thay r just jelos cuz u gat evry thing.REMEMBER WE ALL LOVE YOU<3

  • baylie

    u r soo fucken stuped selena is amasing she is the best so u must be from stuped ville or somthing cuz in america she rocks

  • baylie butler
    baylie butler

    also selena is the best thing thea eaver happen to this world i love u<3:)

  • baylie butler
    baylie butler

    :)selena if u ever do another prankstars plez pick me i love u<3

  • Kathy

    Good pnotis all around. Truly appreciated.

  • Lanette

    Help, I've been infromed and I can't become ignorant.

  • Miracle

    This forum needed sakhing up and you've just done that. Great post!

  • Erik Wendel Frydensbjerg Christensen
  • Coltin

    This atrilce is a home run, pure and simple!

  • adela

    I hate u selena i will hate u for ever

  • ellie

    i hate her she cant sing and she thinks she can hahahahah she cant act hahahahaha i cant wait for justin to see sence and not be with her love justin to bitssssssssss<3 selena is just a no no!

  • ellie

    so agree x

  • ellie

    justin is well to good for her sorry but he is!


    THE time I was small i got one big wish that i'll try to be a scientist selena i think you can have a wish. I JUST MYAMED MY FRIENDS THAT YOU ROCK !!!!! they agreed I KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY $ you can be a billonair that reminds me i hear my puppy barking. BYE-BYE ZENDICLDJJ

  • RihannaFan

    True! STFU Slutlena Hoemess

  • RihannaFan

    selena just needs to stop trying to be miss perfect. you wont be able to so just stop. stop and just hear yourself you cant act or sing. why are you wasting your time and ours seeriously we get it you had your moments on disney but its time to move on,. just stop mover back to TX do something but just stop trying to be a singer its not working and stop trying to get with all of the guys. you wouldnt want to end up like your mom. SOLUTION MOVE BACK TO TEXAS AND GO TO SCHOOL COLLEGE UNIVERISTY JUST STOP BEING A CELEBRITY YOU SUCK…

  • Buff

    Super infoartmive writing; keep it up.

  • allison ruiz
    allison ruiz

    hola soy allison de venezuela y me encanta justin y selena me parece que deberian estar juntos toda la vida

  • SAM

    selena just needs to stop trying to be miss perfect. you wont be able to so just stop. stop and just hear yourself you cant act or sing. why are you wasting your time and ours seeriously we get it you had your moments on disney but its time to move on,. just stop mover back to TX do something but just stop trying to be a singer its not working and stop trying to get with all of the guys. you wouldnt want to end up like your mom. SOLUTION MOVE BACK TO TEXAS AND GO TO SCHOOL COLLEGE UNIVERISTY JUST STOP BEING A CELEBRITY YOU SUCK...

  • nelly01

    guyz give her age is nothing but a number

  • chelsey

    dont listen to all those stupid ppl who say things just follow your heart and go with wat u want personly i hate justen beiber and i love u but just because ppl hate him dosent mean u should listen to them and wat i am trying to say is just follow ur heart and do wat u want and if u are pregnet i am sorry for that but i know u can do it and ppl learn from there mistaks but if i could help u i would i wish u the best and a good life and reamber dont listen to othert ppl tell jb the same i love u both your great ant chelsey i have hopes and dreams for u and i wish u both the best

  • kris

    shes alright selena i luv justin more than ever

  • Lilly

    Selena is way better than any other star. She is 18, and she is youngest unicef ambasador, she had 3 albums[which are great], she made movies, she has her own show on disney chanel, she has her clothing line,She is perfect role model, she has good friends and a good boyfriend, you haters can only be jelaous, save your words!! SHE IS THE BEST! If you hate her, think about it, would you be able to this till ur 18th year!?!!?!?

  • sakshi

    i luv u selena!!u r my role model for life n u r so cute,sweet n luving!!:-)

  • taketwo

    Are we suppose to take at your word when you don't give us any actual facts about what she did to your friend? For all we know you're just a disgruntled Selena hater. Give us proof of what happened not just put up your comment and disgrace her.

  • Jenna PrettygirlSwagger Felton
    Jenna PrettygirlSwagger Felton

    Is it true u raped a 16 year old bcuz thts what people r sayin ?

  • jon

    i really

  • Jada Head
    Jada Head


  • vanessa

    i hate you

  • Sherlyn

    The forum is a bgrihter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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    This forum needed sahking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

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    I bow down hmluby in the presence of such greatness.

  • nick

    selena your awsome and absoulty good looking but i dont want you heart broken so dont get with justin bieber but you are awsome and should become a model

  • Alex

    BION I'm ipmersesd! Cool post!

  • lexilove

    people may like u (or love u) but if they knew wat u did to my friend then yea they would not be that impressed so yea i hate u selena gomez forever and always i will hate you XD kk bye

  • velbett

    yeahh u looks so much better than that model like look ather shes too pale for the dress and dont let the haters get it u their jealous of how prettty u are and i love u so much ur like my role model i luv u!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie

    Selena Is Amazing :) My Inspiration, My Life ♥

  • Michelle Tiffany Boca
    Michelle Tiffany Boca

    i luv u selena! ur waayy better looking than any other female celeb! dnt listen to the stupid haterz becuz obviously they dnt care if ur happy with justin!

  • aziz

    hii selena i am abdulaziz al shohail i love you sooooo much you loook goood