Vivica A Fox


Vivica A. Fox was born in South Bend, Indiana, on July 30, 1964. She’s an actress who likes dating rappers and apparently enjoys drinking booze while driving. She was married to rapper Christopher Harvest (a/k/a Sixx Nine) and dated 50 Cent for a brief period. She was arrested for a DUI on March 20, 2007, when she was stopped for going 80 mph on a California freeway. Vivica’s vivid charisma has dazzled from the big screen in such films as Juwanna Mann, Soul Food and Two Can Play That Game. The A. Fox legacy as awesome, agile and more awesome was set for eternity when she was cast as ‘Vernita Green’ in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volume 1. Vivica is one bad bitch!

Vivica A Fox

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