Wilmer Valderrama


Lindsay Lohan's supposed cherry popper, the annoying exchange student Fez on That '70s Show and all-around party guy, Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama was born in Miami, Florida, on January 30, 1980, but was raised in Venezuela. On the rare occasions when the paparazzi lenses around Tinseltown aren't catching him, Wilmer might be found hanging out with buddy Ashton Kutcher.  He conceived the MTV reality competition show Yo Momma, in which he trolled the country in search of the best trash talker. He is cast as Ponch in the big-screen redo of the campy TV series CHIPs movie, and hey, he really does resemble Erik Estrada. He is also assumed to have been Mandy Moore's first - first big mistake.

Wilmer Valderrama

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