Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions (PHOTOS)

Yes, we're well aware—celebrities are pretty much perfect just the way they are. But as it's often said, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

With that in mind, as we roll into 2011, Celebuzz has a few helpful and totally made up suggestions for our favorite famous folks, in an effort to aid them in becoming even more incredible in the coming 12 months.

Hit up our photo gallery to see our list of Celebrity New Year's Resolutions. What's your resolution for 2011? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • natasha

    i love this sexy beast...... but im not liking the stubble :(

  • misskristimusic

    i love him so much

  • cutiepatootie

    Hold in there Kristen.i mean ur pretty,smart and a actress

  • alanataylorx

    omg he is soo fittt x

  • clera

    You are looking soooo handsam. I love you my dear.

  • neesah

    i luv u taylor!!!!!!!!!!!

  • star3*

    who beat you up like that? hahahahahhahahahha thts hilarious

  • aaaaa

    so what f*ck ugly kristin

  • mcmc

    that's a little conceited but funny lolz

  • nicky

    Zac never said that and he doesn´t know what Celebuzz is writing here. If he would know that, Celebuzz would get big problems with him and his lawyers. They have nothing new to write about him, so they invent something and the people here believe this nonsense. I can´t believe it. All gossip rags have nothing better to do, than to ruin his or her image. They know nothing but they write trash. None of them has ever talked with the celeb personally or with their reps. And btw Nessa and Zac decided to go separate ways = both decided this.


    agree with ya kristen

  • auntbilly

    please, try to be out of jail! just with this resolution she will be very VERY busy the whole year!

  • auntbilly

    resolutions and blah blah are traditional and cliche...Hummm, maybe she is smart enough and do not need to do that hahaha! maybe, when we do not know where we want to go...we are already there! she is gonna be very busy buying black eyeliner...

  • auntbilly

    they were and are too young to have a seroius relationship, that is all! at their age people do not do that! they were good together but if they want to be apart We have to accept it!

  • bambii

    hahahha if this was ironic (guess it is) celebuzz has the same view about taylor than me xD her eyes look scary :S xD

  • bambii

    agreeing with elisas last french sentence,i probably guess it was vanessa,rather than zac ( no bf breaks up 2 weeks before a girl's bday^^) or it was a decision they both made ... and i think he wanna concentrate ón his career right now..

  • SoleilAnne

    Good example of jealousy on a beautiful young lady named Kristen (this is for the person called N).

  • elisa

    pffff some people are really stupid , zac don't care about what you thinK. u don't even know their life and u talk about it ! so get a life ps: vous ne savez meme pas si c'est lui qui a cassé !

  • fame

    I love kristen.she is rock ,funny and strong.

  • kiddi

    you DO realise that she never said these words&it's Celebuzz saying that right? I hope Celebuzz's wish comes true&she finally REALISES how lucky she is, since her "talent" is questionable or just take a hike&save us from her sourpuss face! Why don't you just take a hike instead?

  • ilovekristen

    kristen is amazing, she's a great actress and really pretty, okay maybe she does need to smile more but if the paps were not in her face all the time and gave her some privacy then she might, everybody complains about it just give her space!!!!

  • izzy

    now THAT is a classy guy. ur too funny man -.-

  • lilisa1

    Guys this is a fake resolution! It was made up by celebuzz!!! so stop overeacting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hajdk

    LMFAO this is extremely accurate. Poor lindsey, I doubt this is how she pictured her future.