Celebrity Reactions to Corey Haim's Death (PHOTOS)

The World was stunned to wake up this morning and hear about Corey Haim's tragic, accidental drug overdose. Celebrities have taken to their Twitter accounts to express their sadness over the popular 80s teen star's passing.

To see what the stars have to say about the horrible news, click into our gallery. Feel free to share your own sentiments in the comment section.



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  • Trulyjulie

    I love her, one cool ass funny bitch!

  • Trulyjulie

    she cusses, who fuckin cares! grow up!

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  • sable

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  • crystal

    sweetie your just an evil bitch...your just mad because you could never amount to the fam corey had..all u are is a wanna be celebrity...is it because he was a childhood hero and your husband was the zero

  • crystal flood
    crystal flood

    yes...he was a childhood hero...i loved him, he was a great actor and i will miss him -your fan

  • dpep5455

    he was a druggie and horrible actor. what else is there to say?

  • Jules

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  • sophie1986

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