Charlize Theron Likes Stinky Fun

Charlize Theron Likes Stinky Fun-photo

Charlize Theron appeared on David Letterman's show and revealed that she has no problem with going without a shower for a week. She needs to work that nose appeal on the Hancock red carpet. She could start a trend. Smelly starlets!

Disclaimer: Theron did say not showering was in the context of camping.

"I like to get down and dirty like camping or traveling to countries that don't have the luxuries. I'm a tough girl, and I can not shower for a week—I'm fine with that."

Theron went on to say that there's "a time and a place for everything" and "a time for not showering" is "one of those."

She is gorgeous, but you don't always want to ride the elevator with her.


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